Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Caught Making Out in Boston

Blake & Leo Split
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Well that didn't take long for Blake Lively to get over the Leonardo DiCaprio split. E! Online is reporting that Blake was caught making out with Ryan Reynolds early Monday morning. As you know, the two starred in Green Lantern together.

They were "all over each other" a source says before their smooch fest, and have been attached at the hip for the last week.

Ryan and Blake (along with his ex-wife Scarlett Johansson) were together at the Radiohead concert in New York last Thursday night. Friday, Lively and Ryan left NYC together and hopped a train to Boston, where Reynolds is currently filming R.I.P.D.

Blake was spotted at Boston's Back Bay station shortly before 5am on Monday where Ryan saw her off, and clearly wasn't shy to pack on the PDA.

What do you think Celebuzz readers? Do you think Lively and Reynolds make a hot couple?



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  • Millie

    Come on people, they are both georgeous and from photos they look very hapy so if he did like Sandra as a partner he obviously has changed his mind, nobody knows what really goes on here you can only surmise from what you see, or what they let you see.

  • Silver Qutie
    Silver Qutie

    My my, lots of bitter bettys lining up to condemn Blake. As if any of these sanctimonious, presumably virginal saints would say no to Gosling, Dicaprio or Reynolds.Please. Jealousy is a terrible, terrible thing. Blake is young, beautiful and single. She can do whomever she likes.

  • giusy

    Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, again Sandra Bullock, Black Lively???... I'm lost :) lol

  • avb25

    Jesus. He has been "linked" to just as many actresses as she has actors, but because she is a woman you all call her a slut. Doesn't really make much sense. I guarantee all these comments are made by women who hate her because she's beautiful and successful. Pity.

  • etta

    That is one busy vagina. Gross.

  • sheila

    Lainey said Blake made the moves on him on the set of GL and he refused cause he was still with Scarlett. Class act there, that girl. She likes going after the married dudes.

  • tia

    Err....Blake looks desperate running after all the hollywood boys. They take a taste and then pass her around.

  • jay

    Ryan is a player and Blake is a slut. perfect STD match.

  • krissy

    I'm disappointed...I like him with Sandra Bullock...

  • Darcy

    D: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I don't like them together, Ryan is so gorgeous

  • Julio

    Hell yea! Those two were made for each other, can you blame her? After all, who can resist the GREEN-LATERN?