Scruffy Henry Cavill Snapped On 'Man of Steel' Set (PHOTOS)

Henry is Superman!
Henry Cavill Superman
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We've seen a lot of different Supermen, from Christopher Reeve to more recently, Tom Welling and Brandon Routh. But it looks like Henry Cavill's take on the role in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel will include something never seen before -- some scruff!

Henry was spotted on the Vancouver set of the Superman reboot sporting some untidy clothes and a scruffy beard. The film, which is produced by The Dark Knight writer Christopher Nolan, will focus on the darker side of the Superman canon. At this year's WonderCon, Henry stated that Man of Steel will focus on "basically just re-imagining and a modernization of an iconic character.” 

Are you excited to see Henry and his darker, scruffy Superman romance Amy Adams' Lois Lane? Sound off in the comments below! If you ask us, June 14, 2012 can't come soon enough!



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  • sabrina

    Tom Welling also had some scruff on 'Smallville'. This was on season 8 episode 1. He was also wearing a grey t-shirt.

  • ebony

    Henry Cavalli is ugly and he is fat hog and he needs to shave.

  • ebony

    The movie looks stupid. The original Batman was the best.

  • laneti

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