Taylor Lautner Admits His ‘Twilight’ Fame Is ‘Frustrating’ (PHOTOS)

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Taylor Lautner makes quite an impression on the cover of GQ Australia’s October/November 2011 issue. Dressed in a dapper suit, the Twilight beefcake is smoking hot and looking all grown up. Inside the issue, the 19-year-old actor gets candid about fame and why it’s difficult to deal with the fan frenzy.

“I wouldn’t say I get upset about it. It gets frustrating. But during that frustration you say, ‘OK. Why am I frustrated? I’m doing what I love.’ But sometimes you really just want to go do whatever you want to do.”

With mobs of fans and paparazzi, T Laut admits he has to thoroughly prepare himself every time he wants to leave the house — even if he just wants to get the mail.

“It comes down to what kind of mood you’re in. You have to make a decision before you go out: are you willing to sign autographs and take pictures, say hello and meet new people?”

For more Taylor, check out the full interview and pics at GQ.com.au.