Who Is Alyce Crawford? Meet Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rumored Romance (PHOTOS)

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s romance with Blake Lively came to an abrupt end at the beginning of October, and women across the world were relieved to hear that Leo was back on the market.

So, with DiCaprio’s bachelordom once again intact, all of the speculation turned towards who he might date next. And, with Leo’s history of having a penchant for models, the newest reports about his post-Blake romance links him to Australian model Alyce Crawford. But just who is Alyce — and is she really Leo’s new love? Let’s explore.

Australia’s Daily Telegraph reported that Leo and Alyce have “mostly been meeting up during the week” over the past two weeks, and a source who claims to be close to the situation claims that Crawford has “been going to his hotel to visit but he is too smart to be seen with her in public.” But who exactly is she?

Crawford, 21, was a contestant on Australia’s Next Top Model who linked up with DiCaprio while he’s been in Sydney filming The Great Gatsby.

When asked about her ties to Leo, she told the Telegraph that they “have a lot of mutual friends and he seems really nice. We’re just friends.”