Beyonce Shows A Lotta Bump for 'Countdown' Video

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Let the countdown begin as the world eagerly awaits to meet Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z's new bundle of joy. The first-time mom seems to be throughly enjoying her pregnancy as she's been showing off her baby bump whenever she can. 

Most recently, in the video for her dance track "Countdown." The mod themed video has the Queen B in a black pixie hairstyle, and a series of awesome outfits, including a pointy bra and bump-baring unitard. 

What do you think of Beyonce not hiding her pregnancy for her music video? Sound off in the comments. 

Since learning of the pop star's baby-on-the-way at this year's MTV Video Music Awards, Beyonce hasn't shied away from cameras. Check her out in this adorable maternity dress traipsing about NYC. 



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  • O.o

    Does anyone else find it odd that in some of the recent pics she barley has a belly, but in this it's huge. Between that and the collapsing belly when she sat down for that interview... She maybe preggo, but I can't help but to think if she doesn't pad it at times for the extra attention. I know that when I was pregnant my belly didn't grow and shrink, grow and shrink, it grew and grew and grew, nor did it cave in when I sat down. I don't know about anyone else.

  • Kandra

    Wow you people are overreacting a little. She's pregnant, let her be happy and show it off. It's her first child. Sheesh.

  • no man
    no man

    also, i dnt no why stupid celebrities hide anything from the world....its going to come out either way anyways! sheesh! super annoying and LAME.

  • no man
    no man

    ok yea we get it that shes pregnant...and? i dont know why or see any difference in non celebrity pregnancy and celebrity pregnancy. Also, since she is pregnant, why the heck is she dancing or doing all this when she should slow down and concentrate on eating healthy and the baby? its STUPID!

  • mrsjasongray

    This song and everything in it is making me dizzy and a little crazy! Ugh!

  • danielleakame

    ok we get're pregnant. geez, I'm happy for them but seriously it doesn't need to take over your life...ugh. and her hair is atrocious, she usually looks fabulous. ehh

  • Fefe

    You hid it for the world. Now you can't stop showing us that you are. I don't know to give a stand ovation or to say YOU TOO!!

  • emeraldeyes

    I think its great....your only pregnant for 9 months. To many celebrity's go into hiding while they are pregnant and it showing nothing can stop or hold you back from what you want to do!!!! I know I have two beautiful boy's minus the being a celebrity and the million's or billions of money Beyonce and jay-z have together and can I just say that baby is the luckiest baby ever!!!!