Box Office Battle: ‘Real Steel’ vs. ‘The Ides of March’ (POLL)

Hugh Debuts 'Real Steel'
Hugh Jackman attends the ‘Real Steel’ premiere.
Hollywood’s hottest leading men will be up front at this weekend’s box office!

Hugh Jackman will be taking on some very strong robot boxers in Real Steel, while Ryan Gosling and George Clooney will find themselves in the middle of the political drama entitled The Ides of March.

So what are each of these films about?

Real Steel takes place in a future where robots have taken over the sport of boxing. A struggling promoter (Jackman) teams up with his 11-year-old son that he just met to make a champion out of a forgotten robot.

In The Ides of March, Stephen Meyers (Gosling) is an idealistic staffer who gets a crash course in dirty politics while on the campaign trail for a newbie presidential candidate (Clooney).

Jackman, RyGos AND Clooney? Don’t mind if we do.

Which of these two films are you planning to catch this weekend? Vote in our poll and share with everyone in the comments!