Celebrity Kids Game: Guess Who’s My Mommy! (PHOTOS)

Guess the Celeb Child Pic!
Today's stars during their diaper days!
There are so many cute celebrity kids in the public eye lately! Let’s be honest, we all love seeing them prance around in their adorable outfits. However, we have to give credit where it’s due.

Let’s not forget how these kiddies were granted their cuteness: Their mommies!

The Celebuzz staff is feeling a little playful toady, so we’ve whipped up a gallery of  precious kid photos to see if you can guess which celebrity mom they belong to. See how sharp your skills are with this guessing gallery. Remember, no cheating!

On the flip side, check out this celebrity DAD and his equally adorable offspring: baby Flynn!

How many did you guess correctly? Share with us in the comments!