Expert: Ashton Kutcher 'Acting Out' Because He Can't Start a Family

Ashton Kutcher & Demi Moore

Although there's no official confirmation, Demi Moore's marriage to Ashton Kutcher might be fizzling before our very eyes if the recent reports are to be believed. With rumors of Ashton's infidelity, possible mistresses and even a rumored love child, Tough Love star and relationship expert Steve Ward sat down with Celebuzz to dish his opinion on the Hollywood couple and why he believes their marriage is over!

"Their ship has sailed. I think Ashton is acting out and getting to a point in his career and life where he's thinking about starting a family... I believe when he and Demi first got together, they tried to have a family, but Demi realized that wasn't going to be possible," Steve explains.

Perhaps age isn't just a number anymore, considering Demi will be turning 50 in a few years, Ward adds. Plus, with Ashton's success on Two & A Half Men, the 33 year old is surrounded by very sexy women, who all want his attention.

As previously reported, more info is being leaked about Kutcher’s alleged San Diego mistress, Sara Leal, whom he reportedly had a naked hot tub party with on the same day as his wedding anniversary to Demi.

"It's gotten to the point now, where his career is starting to skyrocket again with the success of Two & a Half Men. Demi's career has hit a crescendo. She's going into that menopausal, hysterectomy stage of life -- which is not exactly hot for Ashton," Ward says.

So Celebuzz readers, what do you think about Steve’s advice? Sound off in the comments section. Plus, watch Steve’s exclusive message below and learn how you can win a trip to the Tough Love set.



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  • Lily

    I'm disgusted by some of these comments people made about Demi Moore. It is awfully rude to call her an old bag... Who ever made this comment should be ashamed of oneself! Demi looks amazing, very beautiful and at least 10 years younger than her age. May be the marriage is falling a part due to different issues, not as most people speculate to be be due to not having a baby and/or age gap.. Obviously they have $$$$ to be able to make a baby happen... People sometimes grow apart and divorce..We see Hollywood marriges fall apart all the time.. Why do we have to be rude to Demi?

  • Eleanor

    Kelly Preston had one at 47... it's not unheard of.

  • Mama

    What crap. Do you read the papers? Women far older than Demi have babies, even without her wealth. Has it occurred to you if he'd wanted kids that badly they would have done so by now? Either by IVF or surrogacy, kids were and still are a possibility with their $$$$$$$$

  • shazzz

    and I believe Demi blamed his slow swimmers...

  • danielleakame

    wtf did he expect marrying a lady that old. geez he knew what he was getting into. she be dried up!

  • Ken

    I'd bang that sext lil' thing over the cobwebs any day!

  • Ken

    Way to go, Ashton! I'd leave the old bag at home too and find someone your own age. Demi needs a new toy.

  • Catrina

    If Ashton wanted kids, he would have had them! I would not advice from anyone on Vhone where they constantly exploit people--including Dr. Drew!!!

  • Brandt

    He made his choice. Now he has to live with it. Bruce Willis got to be with Demi Moore when she was in her prime and had a family with her. It was obvious from day one because of her age that she wasn't going to procreate with Ashton Kutcher.