Giveaway Alert! Win a Rent the Runway Gift Card!


UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Rent the Runway has made quite a name for itself among women who know and love high fashion, who want to look glamorous -- and who love to experiment with new brands without the prices of investing in piece after piece.

Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez and other classy red carpet gals have already tried and loved dresses from the popular store, now Celebuzz is giving you a chance to try your own with a gift card to cover the cost of renting one of these gorgeous gowns!

Here’s how to enter to win:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us what event you're hoping to rent a dress for.

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Friday, October 14th at 9 AM ET.

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  • Natalie Harris
    Natalie Harris

    I would rent a dress for my birthday! I never really celebrated for the past 2 years, not even when I turned 21 so this year when I turn 23, I want to go all out in Las Vegas and I'll need a killer dress for that!

  • Kimberly B.
    Kimberly B.

    I follow you on twitter @winsome6 and Like you on Facebook. I would love to rent a dress for an upcoming wedding.

  • Chelsea Mason
    Chelsea Mason

    I have formal coming up and would love to be able to rent a dress because I don't have one! :)

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I’d love to rent a dress for my husband's birthday party!

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I would love to win a dress to go out on a nice special date with my boyfriend out of the blue and surprise him in my new look

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    i'm hoping to rent a dress for my friend's birthday party

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    I'd love to rent a dress for my birthday!

  • Maria Christofidou
    Maria Christofidou

    I would really love to win one of these dresses (they are all so glamorous, elegant and chic!) to wear it on New Year's Eve, and my brother's weeding which will happen next month!:D

  • Divina Villanueva
    Divina Villanueva

    The marine corps ball at the end of next month!

  • Amy Rose
    Amy Rose

    I would love to win this for my daughter. She is a sophomore and is in all AP classes and has a 3.9 GPA while still playing sports and being involved in all kinds of clubs and after school programs. She is a wonderful daughter who would really appreciate this.

  • Vanessa West
    Vanessa West

    My daughter would LOVE to 'borrow' a designer dress for one of her senior functions: homecoming, winter formal or prom!

  • cmpetree

    I'd love to give this to my sister for her prom!

  • Upcoming holidays
    Upcoming holidays

    Im 35 & ive never wore a gown , would love to,before i turn40 :/

  • Natasha Quirch
    Natasha Quirch

    I'd love to rent a dress for a black tie wedding I have coming up in a month :-)

  • Jessica McCullor
    Jessica McCullor

    On March 17th I marry my best friend Mark Mashburn on our 5 year anniversary. I have the best wedding gown now, I am in need of a dress for my bridal shower, bachelorette party and rehearsal dinner! If I win, I would use the gift card for one of those!!!

  • danielleakame

    i would rent a fabulous dress for new years! im flying out to new york and i have started my search for the perfect dress!

  • Sharareh D. Drury
    Sharareh D. Drury

    I'd rent a dress for a "comeback". Every year, my high school has a reunion for all the television/theatre/music kids...its a big Alumni Banquet and we get together, honor someone whose done well after high school... I haven't gone in years because the reunion happens in a small southern town where I grew up. I've worked on improving my self esteem and image...and working up the courage to go back. I was bullied and teased in high school for being Middle-Eastern, for dressing funny or having frizzy hair, for not being able to sing or dance well...all I could do was be a reporter and I rocked at it but to everyone else - that was nerdy and unfeminine...=/ So I want to make a comeback. I want to go back and show that I do believe in myself now, I do feel beautiful and love the way I am...and no one can treat me like that anymore. I'd love to be able to come back in a dress fit for the red carpet bc in high school, I was stuck with my mom's hand-me-downs which made me like 30...or getting clothes at clearance racks at Kohls and Target...I want to look as fabulous as I feel. But I know even without the dress, I'll rock it... =) but it'd be an awesome addition to this comeback event.

  • Katie Lombardo
    Katie Lombardo

    My cousin's wedding! She is always telling me about Rent the Runway but I can't afford to rent on my own!

  • krisbell

    I would like to rent a dress for a ceremony I'm going to have in Nov. I hope I can get one I really need it

  • Renata Lavach
    Renata Lavach

    I follow you on FB and Twitter. I will rent a dress for my bridal shower!!

  • Tris Shela
    Tris Shela

    I hope to rent a dress to my brother's engagement party.

  • greekmamaof2

    my husband and i are celebrating our 21st anniversary! would love to be wearing a gorgeous dress out !!!

  • Yaritza M. Rivera
    Yaritza M. Rivera

    I would absolutely love to win a Rent the Runway Gift Card because I have a wedding to attend in late November which I still haven't bought a dress for. With a limited budget and the not so great economy, buying a dress that you may never wear again isn't always the brightest idea. Renting a dress would be the perfect thing for me to do! I have ‘liked’ you on Facebook and followed you on Twitter (@Karma5o4)!

  • wheat636

    I'd love to rent a dress for New Year's Eve!