Jackson Rathbone Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’: ‘Get Ready for Vampire Sex’

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Jackson Rathbone, star of Facebook’s new web series Aim High, chatted with Celebuzz recently and talked about his new show and of course, Breaking Dawn Pt. 1. We’ll get down to vampire business, first.

“It’s weird [Twilight] is over, it hasn’t entirely hit me yet especially since we’ll all be back together soon,” Jackson told us this week at the Beverly Wilshire hotel.

So what is he excited for fans to see in Breaking Dawn Pt. 1? I think it’s a scene we are all looking forward to…

“Honestly, fans should get ready for some vampire sex because it is going down,” Rathbone said.

“It has been four years in the making, the pent up, sexual aggression,” Jackson said of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s characters. “It’s about time!”

Laughed Jackson:

“We would always say, get a room you two, get a room! And they did…and they destroyed it.”

How about that for some Breaking Dawn anticipation? Sounds like the honeymoon scene will not disappoint!

Meanwhile, aside from Breaking Dawn and Aim High Jackson is definitely keeping himself busy. Here is what lays ahead for Rathbone:

Aim High marks the second production I’ve been involved in. I think I’m going to gear myself towards that, I love filmmaking. I’m going on another 100 Monkeys tour, I just got back from one, but will be going around Europe in November and December. South America and Mexico we will get to eventually!”

Catch him in Aim High out October 18 and in Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 November 18!