Josh Groban Takes Off His Clothes On Hotel Balcony In Switzerland (PHOTOS)

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Looks like Josh Groban is really taking advantage of the gorgeous fall weather!

Josh was spotted Friday by paparazzi relaxing and taking it all off on his hotel room balcony in Switzerland. Sorry, ladies (and gents) for the lack of a full frontal can blame the railing for blocking the view! The singer was also accompanied by a mysterious and fully-clothed brunette by his side.

The Office fans can next catch Josh guest starring as Andy Bernard's (Ed Helms) brother on the comedy series at the end of the month. We wonder if he'll be stripping down for that role, too?



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  • groban gross
    groban gross

    I always wished to see josh with his shirt off; beware of what you wish for....gross!

  • Michele

    He looks nothing like Chewbaka!

  • chloe

    ummm!!!! break me off a piece of that!!!! love josh groban!

  • lisa susanne
    lisa susanne

    sexy as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jillie Yu
    Jillie Yu

    Josh just tweeted about this. He wasn't naked. Even if lied in his tweet, he wouldn't do such a thing on a balcony. Doesn't fit his personality.

  • Jill

    Nice Chest. He looks good. Yeah, a game of "tennis".

  • Peal

    The lady is a french singer named Lorene Devienne. I think he was really naked.

  • Ann

    joshgroban (josh groban ) Nothing against being naked (its actually quite nice, I tried it once) but I just took my shirt off after a tennis lesson. Shorts were on. 1 hour ago Favorite. Retweet. Reply.

  • clever

    Stop being liars and start to be more like a normal website! You should be destroyed!

  • Jessica

    Josh Groban already commented on twitter that he wasn't completely nude. Just took his shirt off after a game of tennis.