Julianne Hough Dazzles at ‘Footloose’ Premiere in Nashville (PHOTOS)

Julianne & Ash Bikini!
Julianne Hough & Ashley Tisdale bikini in Miami!
Aside from the dancing, fun, storyline and music involved in the new version of Footloose, there’s another major reason to see it: Julianne Hough.

The blonde beauty, who steals the show with her dance moves and stunning looks in any scene she’s in, did exactly that when she hit the red carpet for the film’s premiere in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday night. With a metallic blue dress and curly locks of her blonde hair teased to maximum proportions, Julianne smiled, hugged fans and was in an elated mood as she made her way into the premiere.

This is Hough’s first major on-screen role, having made the jump from Dancing With the Stars pro to music star and now to actress. She plays the film’s female lead opposide newcomer Kenny Wormald, who plays the lead character of Ren in the remake of the ’80s classic.