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Six weeks after tying the knot, Kim Kardashian is still reveling in the honeymoon stage of her marriage to Kris Humphries. But Kim admits the couple haven’t really had much alone time and her living situation with Kris isn’t ideal — because she’s living in a two-story hotel flat with her family.

“We are living together for the first time, so it probably isn’t the wisest choice to move in with Kourtney, Mason and Scott, but we’re having a good time out here,” she said during Today, adding the group moved into the hotel just days after the wedding to start filming the new season of Kim & Kourtney Take New York.

Of course, Today host Hoda Kotb made sure to ask the question everyone wants to know: are Kim and Kris planning to have kids soon?

“Unfortunately, we don’t know where he’ll sign with a team, so I want to wait a year before trying to have kids,” she said.

Although there have been rumors that her free agent husband might get signed to a Midwest basketball team, Kim admits she won’t be moving there because most of her businesses are based in L.A. “I’m mainly going to live in LA, but where ever he signs, I’ll have to be back and forth. We’ll work it out,” Kim said smiling.

As Hoda continued to fire off questions, Kim revealed she’s a neat freak, which has caused a few arguments between she and Kris. “I am such a perfectionist. I am so OCD. It probably drives Kris crazy… I’m such a neat freak, so seeing piles of clothes, I’ll be like ‘This is what a hamper is for.'”

Their whirlwind romance occurred in just a few months, but Kim knew Kris was the one.

“I’m the biggest hopeless romantic. There is a calmness from Kris. I trust him. You can’t trusty many people. When you know, you know,” she added. And as for all those tabloid rumors that her family hates Kris, she admits there was tension at first, but everyone gets along now. 

“They do not hate Kris. There was a lot of tension before the wedding. Khloe and Kris have the same personality – they’re both outspoken. Khloe is sensitive though. But they would go back and forth with each other,” she said. 

So how well does Kim really know her new beau? Well, Hoda Kotb put her to the test on Today — as they’ve been doing with the whole Kardashian family this week — and Kim fared well. Challenging the first question (What is Kris’ favorite ice cream?), Kim claimed it was chocolate chip cookie dough, even though producers thought it was peanut butter. But after the dispute, they let Kim take the point, and she passed the rest of the quiz with flying colors.

Kim got 100 percent of the questions right tying the score with Khloe Kardashian and Bruce Jenner each got three out of three. Kourtney got one out of three and Kris Jenner didn’t get any correct. Looks like Kim really does know her man!

Be sure to tune in to see how Kim fares on Friday, and then get ready for Kim’s Fairy Tale Wedding on E! this Sunday and Monday, Oct. 9 and 10!