Kim Kardashian: Taking A Stand Against Online Bullying

When I set up my Fairy Tale Wedding Giveaway, I did it because I wanted to make one happy couple’s special day even more special… I wanted to give someone a day to remember for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, some people have decided to ruin this contest for the finalists, and have been bullying and threatening the finalists on Facebook. I was getting ready to announce the winner today, but before I do that I want to address everyone who has been leaving mean, hurtful comments to the finalists and basically harassing them. I will NOT tolerate bullying of any form on my blog or on my Facebook. Anyone who threatens another fan, or thinks that it is ok to bully someone else will be blocked and banned immediately.

It really disheartens me that certain people tried to ruin this special moment the couples involved. Online bullying is one of the biggest challenges facing children and young adults in America and I personally am taking a stand against it. I want to thank all ten couples for entering, and thank everyone who voted for them and left supportive comments and genuine well wishes.

I’ll be posting the winner tomorrow right here in my blog… and I expect nothing but nice comments on that post!