Kim Kardashian vs. Lady Gaga: Houndstooth Style Showdown (POLL)

Kardashian Showdown
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Thanks to Kathie Lee Gifford being on vacation, Friday morning Kim Kardashian co-hosted the TODAY show with Hoda Kotb to promote her wedding special on E! this Sunday and Monday night. Does her black and white houndstooth outfit look familiar to you?

Lady Gaga wore the exact same Salvatore Ferragamo dress when she spent a morning on The View in August! Of course Mother Monster brought along a matching piano, microphone, shades, heels, and clutch, but other than that, the look is pretty similar.

We think Gaga’s ensemble is funky yet chic, but is it too matchy-matchy for you? Solely for fashion purposes — we are asking you to choose sides. Who wore it better: Team Gaga or Team Kim K? Play fashion critic in the comments!

For a closer look at the dress, check out Kim K. headed to the TODAY show. 



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  • sarabear

    KIM all the way

  • maria laura
    maria laura


  • stephaniezees

    Lady Gaga always rocks, no body can't competition with her.

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson

    lady gaga all the way.

  • saradear

    There is no comparison, Kim looks absolutley stunning head to toe flawless, Gaga looks like a circus freak as usual

  • Stacy Halstead
    Stacy Halstead

    I think the outfit fits Gaga's frame much better then KK's Plus, I dont think KK looks good at all in it. GAGA rocked it!! :)

  • both

    Dressed it up with their own style.

  • sam

    kim all the way gaga is sooo weird…

  • vera Isaev
    vera Isaev


  • Wendy Laeveren
    Wendy Laeveren

    team Gaga!!!

  • Shanice09

    Kim Kardashian definitely!!!!Lady Gaga needs a real fashion stylist becuase clearly she don't know how to dress!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nancy Burian
    Nancy Burian

    Kim K. had too much 'boobage' showing and it makes her look chubby. Sorry Kim. I didn't like it when you were on the Today Show. Had to go with Lady Gaga.

  • Tami

    Kim makes it look pretty and smart gaga...well she as always over did it and looks like a....well im not sure but the extra everthings in the same pattern ruin it. Kim did not overdue it and her curves look better in it.

  • julie

    Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim

  • julie

    Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim Kim

  • kathy campbell
    kathy campbell

    Kim looks dashing in this outfit. Lady Gaga kinda blends into the outfit almost couldn't tell there was a person in the dress. Both are beautful but Kim pulled this off way better.

  • Ermaafidah Afiezal
    Ermaafidah Afiezal

    Kim does it better. She looks polish and super-smart.

  • Josie

    Too many bOObs for KK. it suits Gaga's frame much better.

  • Cindy

    Team Kim K is best dressed and knows how to wear fashion

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    I love Kim K., but honestly think Gaga rocks this look!!

  • Allysha Woods
    Allysha Woods

    kim of course

  • Zac

    Gaga all the way

  • Ashleyy

    Lady Gaga !

  • azappa

    did anyone else notice Celebuzz's spelling is not what it should be? "Kim K heads to Taoday"

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    I'm not a huge Kim Kardashian fan but she looks like a beauty queen compared to fugly GagGag

  • TeamGaga

    Team Gaga for the win!

  • starr

    KK all the way!

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
  • Alexia

    Team gaga

  • Alex

    team gaga