Melissa McCarthy Breaks Down SNL: What Two Sketches Were Her Idea?

Melissa Talks 'SNL'
Melissa McCarthy on her 'SNL' hosting gig!
It’s almost been a week since Melissa McCarthy hosted SNL and she still has us in stitches! So did the Emmy winner tivo and watch herself when it was all over? 

“I did!” Melissa told Celebuzz Thursday night when we caught up with her at Corzo’s second annual Art Mere Art Pere event benefiting Livestrong. “I had to watch it back because literally it was a blur.”

Here is the scoop on what two sketches Melissa brought to NBC. Hidden Valley Ranch, anyone?

“The Arlene sketch and the Hidden Valley Ranch sketch were near and dear to me,” McCarthy said about which ones were her favorite. “I did them at Groundlings. I did both of those for a whole run of the show.”

The Groundlings is an improve and sketch comedy theater.

“To have those two sketches end up on SNL it was just the most surreal thing. Both of those were mine, those were the two I brought in,” Melissa told us very modestly.

“You know, Groundlings is my God, one of the great loves of my life. To go to SNL and do those with a whole set, with real people– a real table! I was like, I just can’t believe this is happening.”

So what advice does Melissa have for future SNL hosts?

“I think you maybe have one shot so just go for it. At a certain point I just thought, I don’t know I probably won’t be back here. I’ve just got to go big. Go big or go home! It was so crazy.”

It certainly paid off! If missed, check out our personal favorite sketch, Hidden Valley Ranch, below.