Readers React: Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds a Good Match?

Blake & Ryan Present
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Blake Goes Red!
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Blake & Leo Split
After 5 months the courtship is over
Hearts everywhere broke a little bit when reports surfaced that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively were spotted making out after spending a romantic weekend together in Boston. No, not necessarily because Ryan and Blake may be off the market, but because it crushed hopes that Reynolds and Sandra Bullock might try to be more than friends.

Here is what a lot of readers felt about Blake and Ryan potentially coupling up:

“I’m disappointed…I like him with Sandra Bullock,” Krissy wrote in the comments.

“But what about Sandra.. dun get it :/ ,” a confused Erika Saldes posted on Facebook.

Surprisingly a lot of people were all for it! Or at least, very impressed with Blake’s taste in men.

“Hell yea! Those two were made for each other, can you blame her? After all, who can resist the GREEN-LATERN?” wrote Julio under our original post.

“seriously? after Leo? u keep urself with handsome dudes girl” Dian Escares posted on Facebook, while Samantha Brigandi added underneath “good taste Blake!”

Any Hollywood relationship has haters, so there were a few readers who were not on board.

“Ryan need someone his on age or older. As for Blake slow down girl!!” Kimberly Holley commented on Facebook.

Our personal favorite comment came from avb25:

“Jesus. He has been ‘linked’ to just as many actresses as she has actors, but because she is a woman you all call her a slut. Doesn’t really make much sense. I guarantee all these comments are made by women who hate her because she’s beautiful and successful. Pity.”

Still, no one knows quite yet what is really up with R and B, but we think they make one steamy couple!