Ryan Gosling’s Onscreen Leading Ladies (PHOTOS)

Hot Ryans!
Which one reigns supreme?
'Ides of March' Face Off
Ryan Gosling & George Clooney face off in 'Ides' poster.
With a great sense of humor, enticing baby blues and a killer body, Ryan Gosling has the right skillset to get any girl off and on screen. The 30-year-old actor has never lacked chemistry with any of his silver screen leading ladies (even if they happen to be a doll!).

The latest actress to get lucky and star opposite Ryan is Evan Rachel Wood! The former flame of shock rocker Marilyn Manson will heat up the big screen with Gosling in the political drama The Ides of March, hitting theaters Oct. 7In lieu of his latest onscreen romance, Celebuzz has dug up some of RyGos’ most memorable leading ladies! View the gallery to see some of the lucky gals!

Sometimes RyGos’ charm is so bewitching that his co-stars just can’t help but fall in love with the guy behind the character. Sandra Bullock in 2002’s Murder By Numbers and Rachel McAdams in 2004’s The Notebook weren’t immune to Ryan’s charisma. Sandra and the much, much younger Ryan (he’s 16 years younger than her!) dated briefly in 2002. Take a look at the trailer for Murder By Numbers below. Can you guys feel the chemistry?

Ryan and Rachel faired better than his one year relationship with Sandra and the two Canadians went strong for several years (even getting engaged) before calling it quits in 2008. If you’re still a little sad about the split, don’t worry! The two left behind a classic romantic flick that can make anyone cry at a drop of a hat.

As mentioned, Ryan can make any relationship work even if it’s with a doll! In Lars and the Real Girl (2007) the hottie entered an imaginary relationship with a life-size doll he named Bianca while he inadvertanly blew off advances from Kelli Garner’s character Margo. Look at how Lars even cuts a rug for Bianca!

Is RyGos a sucker for a great love story? He must be because his film Blue Valentine in 2010 left audiences clutching their hearts and begging for his relationship with his on-screen wife Michelle Williams to work out. Who doesn’t love a guy that plays the ukelele?!

Earlier this summer, Emma Stone shared the screen with the ineffable Ryan in Crazy, Stupid Love. Lucky for her (and us), Emma’s character had the pleasure of seeing him shirtless. In awe of his body she uttered the classic line, “Seriously?! It’s like you’re Photoshopped!” Emma and Ryan will also star in the upcoming film Gangster Squad.

Here’s hoping that some of the London, Ontario native’s next leading ladies get to film scenes with the stud when he’s shirtless. Soon, he’ll be sharing the screen with rumored off screen girlfriend Eva Mendes in The Place Beyond the Pines. Ryan must have a thing for older women, Eva is 6 years older than him!

For now watch the trailer for his latest flick The Ides of March where he flirts and seduces Evan Rachel. Who’s your fave leading lady of Ryan’s? Defend your answer in the comments!