Who is Rihanna's Rumored New Beau Dudley O'Shaughnessy? (PHOTOS)

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Rihanna apparently has a new man that she's hand picked for her upcoming video "We Found Love."  RiRi and boxer/model Dudley O'Shaughnessy were seen out and about in London following her Wednesday night concert at the O2 arena. 

Celebuzz did a little digging to see why the "S&M" star is canoodling with Dudley. Click the pics to learn more about Rihanna's rumored new love interest!

According the British tabloid The Sun, RiRi, 23, looked quite smitten with the model.

A source for the paper said, "Rihanna was making no secret that she fancied the pants off Dudley."

While shooting the video, The Sun reports that the pop star was sitting in Dudley's lap during a break. Another insider told the tabloid, "Dudley was giggling like a schoolboy when she had to shoot a scene in a see-through top." The source continued, "She was teasing him with a peek at her cleavage and winking at him."

What do you think of Rihanna's rumored new beau? Could this be "the one"? Let us know what you think in the comments. 


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  • cassandra

    model dudely o shaughness and beyonce

  • tom

    He looks like a fucking retarded idiot

  • kewlgirl

    he looks gay as f**k!

  • E.

    YOU PEOPLE ARE SERIOUSLY "MENTAL". THIS DUDE IS 100% FINE. I go for nothing BUT cute dudes like this all the time. He's my type, cute, pretty, sexy, fine,gorgeous, handsome...need I repeat? Maybe you all are guys & are hating or just woman with inferior taste. But dont sit behind your screen & lie to yourselves by saying he's "ugly or weird looking" no, YOU just have bad eyes. Lol, I hope this isnt coming off as shallow as it looks, but Im just being real, this dude is making me drool. Btw, he looks nothing like Chris Brown so I dont know why some ppl are saying that....unless Chris was his UGLIER, annoying, immature little brother, lol.

  • Anna Maria Cárcamo
    Anna Maria Cárcamo

    he looks like a woman!! that's so weird!! his eyes are amazing..he would make a beautiful woman, pity he's a weird looking man!

  • Tammy Long
    Tammy Long

    Lets change it up a bit, how about a young women of hollywood AND Young Men! That would be awesome. Or are there not enough of each to make a list that long. HA!

  • rob

    omg i knew it was'nt just me, to notice this but in a magazine over the summer, I read that her type is Dark, huge, and hung! lol she needs to clarify

  • Logan Takia
    Logan Takia

    I think it's safe to say that rihanna definitely has a type because all of her men have been light skin with green eyes excluding chris brown who's light skin with brown eyes. I'm not saying it's a bad thing because everyone has a type it's just something I've noticed.