Makeup-Free Demi Lovato Fills Up at the Gas Station (PHOTOS)

Demi Lovato opted for a more casual look while running errands on Friday afternoon. The makeup-free "Skyscraper" singer wore sweatpants and purple hoodie as she filled up her car with gas and picked up a few bottles of water at the in Sherman Oaks gas station.

Meanwhile, the 19-year-old singer is gearing up for a mini tour in promotion of her latest album, Unbroken.

The “Skyscraper” singer had been teasing a big announcement on her Twitter, and revealed on Friday that she will be visiting 10 different cities starting in November. (Check out all the tour dates on her site!)

After the announcement, Demi gushed about the tour:

"I LOVE my fans... I cannot wait to see you guys on the road.."

Tickets go on sale October 14! Will you be seeing Demi? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Sreya

    That's her?? Looks little Chinese, or any other type which is similar to Chinese.

  • Craig

    naturally sexy

  • Craig

    nice thighs

  • Craig

    wow, she's even more beautiful without makeup... thats natural sexiness right there

  • Meagan Bell
    Meagan Bell

    Shes beautiful no matter how she looks.

  • danielleakame

    she looks good!

  • dave1001

    I agree, that beautiful thick body of hers looks incredible. I'd love to have her sitting on my face right now.

  • alexandra

    her skin looks great!

  • sasja

    Flawless skin a true beauty

  • kardashianlover123

    wow very sexy!@

  • Courtney Ulujuk
    Courtney Ulujuk

    you know shes pretty with and without makeup, but she don't need makeup cause she has a natural glow. : )

  • faye

    i agree that was silly to say

  • Kat

    i guess you missed the memo. She is recovering from an eating disorder. How can you say something like that? She is so gorgeous even without a stitch of makeup. And not everyone needs to be a size 0 stick figure like these bimbo's in hollywood.

  • emily

    She doesn't need exercise she fine the way she is so whoever said something wrong with u

  • Anna B
    Anna B

    she looks so pretty, she has beautiful skin!

  • missunderstood

    She's beautiful,with or without make-up :-)

  • ispeakdatruth

    she doesn't need makeup what she needs is lots of exercise

  • Cassie

    She looks beautiful, and I am so gonna see her, her concerts are always so amazing and awesome :)

  • amyk

    ooo !! she looks so change without makeup !