Suri Cruise Dresses Up to Stroll Through Pittsburgh (PHOTOS)

Mommy & Me!
Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise Stroll Through Pittsburgh

Suri Cruise is growing up so fast! The adorable tot was dressed up, wearing a pink shirt, gray skirt and flats to take a walk in Pittsburgh with mom Katie Holmes.

Suri pushed a baby stroller for her stuffed animal panda bear. She was all smiles and made sure to show off her outfit to the awaiting photogs.

The mother-daughter duo are in town while Tom Cruise films his new movie, One Shot.

They are taking in all the city sights while in town, hitting up the local museums and playgrounds. Earlier this week, Katie and Suri hit up Starbucks. The adorable 5-year-old was seen doting on a baby doll as the cameras flashed. Aww!



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