Battle of the Brains: Nickelodeon Cast Members on BrainSurge! (VIDEO)

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It's a battle of the brains tonight on a new episode of Family BrainSurge on Nickelodeon! 

This episode is full of talent as cast members from Victorious, iCarly, Supah Ninjas, Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventures, and House of Anubis come head to head for a challenge! Take a look at the clip to get a sneak preview of what's in store for these Nickelodeon stars! 

This episode airs Monday at 6 PM, but that's not all! Catch more special guests on a second all new Family BrainSurge airing on Tuesday, October 11th! Check out this clip as a few celebrities and their family members get it on the BrainSurge action:

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