Kim Kardashian Wedding Special: What You Need to Know (VIDEO)

Everyone waiting to get a look at the glitz, glamour -- and yes, drama -- in the lead-up to Kim Kardashian's over-the-top wedding got their first taste of it on Sunday night during the first of two Kim's Fairy Tale Wedding episodes, in which the Kardashian clan and their soon-to-be newest member Kris Humphries made preparations for Kim to walk down the aisle. And, for anyone who has watched the family's shows in the past, you can imagine there were plenty of theatrics to go around.

The main storyline -- and also the cliffhanger at the end of the episode -- was Khloe Kardashian's tension with Kris, as the two just couldn't seem to have a civil conversation without accusations and name-calling. At an engagement party hosted by Khloe, Kris walked into a conversation wherein Khloe was discussing him, and he confronted her, asking "how dare you question someone else's marriage."

After some more comments, Khloe fires back: "You think I married Lamar because he's tall and a Laker?" She goes on to say that she's just looking out for Kim, who has a reputation of falling head-over-heels in love.

After holding the confrontation in for weeks, Kris finally comes clean to Kim, telling her that he feels like Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner women don't seem to be gravitating towards him. That's when Kim decided she and Kourtney are going to have it out.

Check it out below:

"What would ever make you believe that you could say something like that," Kim asks Kourtney -- as Rob quietly slips out of the room. Khloe swears that she's simply "protective" of Kim, and that she is just saying aloud about Kris what many others have been thinking. It all ends with Kim threatening to not have any negativity in her wedding ... but anyone who has seen the photos or read up on her wedding know the opposite happened.

So how does it all get resolved? Well, you'll just have to tune in Monday night at 9 pm to watch it all unfold in the second 2-hour episode, which will include the wedding footage!



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  • chikwu victor
    chikwu victor

    kim felicitate! last days for ur wedding ur wedding scheduling as a princess and princes

  • Guest

    Traditionally, etiquette dictates that the bride's family pay for certain items and the groom others, ie. the REHEARSAL DINNER! Wouldn't it have been a nice welcoming gesture for the Humphreys to have been allowed to do this. Then, Kris could have planned the menu and had what he wanted which was hamburgers and cookies. I'm sure his mother and the rest of the family had some ideas and would have put on a much more enjoyable dinner than what Kris Jenner did. Kim K is no better than Star Jones either for taking all the freebies she did. Any guest silly enough to have attended should donate the cheesy souvenirs they were given to the Goodwill. And just wait until not only Black women but the entire state of Minnesota boycotts anything Kardashian, including Sears. Or maybe the "yee-haws" as Kim Kardashian called the people of Minnesota have sense enough to have not ever carried any of their crap. I'm sure they have much finer things to stock their shelves and stores with than the tawdry overpriced merchandise being pushed by these idiots.

  • Guest

    Another more expensive lesson is to purchase any china or silver from Geary's and rather than give it to Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphreys, DONATE IT TO THE SOUP KITCHEN OF YOUR CHOICE in their name! LOL! Thanksgiving is coming up and it would be lovely for the homeless to enjoy their dinner on fine china and silver. Or, rather than the storage problems this might create for the facility, donate the $ you would have spent on one of the lavish items they had the nerve to register for and donate the funds to a food kitchen to celebrate their sham of a wedding.

  • guest

    I really like your ideas! They are as wonderfully absurd as all the other tripe on that dumb-azz show--problem is, the viewers who actually like the show won't get it; they'll just take it as seriously as they take every episode now. This whole Kartrashian craziness will only stop when people STOP watching them. So stop, already! How many ways do people want to be made a fool of by these clowns? Next, the fans will be waiting for the honeymoon video--oops, I forgot, Kim doesn't need a honeymoon to make one of those.

  • guest

    Hey Lucy--last site I saw you post on you were a doctor who hated "scammers." Who are you kidding? This post sounds the same, bad grammar and all.

  • Guest

    Hey, I have a great idea. If you haven't bought a gift and were planning to because you were invited, do not buy it at any of the stores they registered at, ie. Geary's in Beverly Hills. (They act like they are the only ones who know that store that has been a staple in Bev Hills for years. Anybody can register there, btw. It costs nothing and people go there for the large selection of patterns and knowledgeable sales personnel. My sister and all my friends registered there years ago and we are not wealthy people. They make me sick with their name-dropping, ie. Hermes, etc. It is time they be "taught a lesson" as these uneducated fools are always trying to do to others. If you buy a gift, go to a dollar or 99 cent store and pick up a glass or plate or some handy kitchen item along with some gift wrap and wrap it nicely and send it off to Kim aka. the humper and Kris (poor husband) with your wishes or sypathy for the groom.

  • Guest

    Boycott Sears or at least email them that you object to their tarnishing their image by letting the Kardashians peddle their cheap, tawdry, ho clothing line there! Everthing about this "wedding" was ugly, fake, cheesy, tacky, and a complete wasted of money. Kim did not look good in any of the dresses btw and I think Vera Wang is one of the worst designers ever! Kris Jenner looked like a big fat fool and absolutely ridiculous in that getup she was wearing. Someone should have told her she is the mother-of-the bride and not at her age, she is much too old to be a bridesmaid at anyone's wedding. She would have been much more appropriately attired if she'd worn black, imo. She seeks attention as much as the rest of the sickening bunch and I hope nobody ever spends one cent of their money purchasing anything these creeps have to sell. P.S. Don't buy them a wedding gift either if you were invited and going by the "one year" to buy a gift rule.

  • Guest

    He also looks like Herman Munster! As to the transportation, Kris Jenner took complete control and so I agree it was more than rude for her to omit transportation plans for the Humphreys. Normally, a couple and the families plan a wedding together and the groom would arrange transportation for his family and the groomsmen if memory serves me correctly. I hope someone gave these money grubbing pigs an etiquette book and that is the only thing they need in the way of a gift.

  • Guest

    Kim has robbed the cradle just like Kourtney. At 30, the divorced Kim of sex tape fame is desperate and forced herself on this younger guy from the get go. She is as phony as they come and I'll bet this wedding was over before it began. Anyone with morals would have called it off but of course that doesn't apply to Kim, the imo chief Dominatrix of the repulsive women in that family. They went ahead with the wedding because of all the money that was to be made. What a liar and her acting is as bad as her dancing. Look at how this spoiled idiot behaved when the went on that getting-to-know Kris Humphreys trip and she cried and complained because the room was too big. Yet, the money grubber lives in one of those cheesy McMansions the Armenians seem to love so. This poor guy should run for the hills and make sure she doesn't trick him into getting her pregnant - all for the show and at the orders of that "manager" mother. Kris H. seems to be the only one with sense out of the whole group along with Scott Disick. It seems like Lamar has caved. Now they are pushing Robert Jr. into an eating disorder. Next, they will announce he is having a sex change operation since they have completely ruined him and he will hook up with and marry Chas Bono! Kourtney will play Cruella Del Ville visiting her brother-in-law Kris "Munster" Humphreys until he can no longer stand the sight, sound and meddling of her and then she'll go to the Bosley Hair Center for electrolysis and/or wear her hear in that ridiculous Mickey Mouse style with the two buns and get a job at Disneyland where she can run her foul mouth around all the little kiddies.

  • Nicole

    Khloe's comment to Kris saying he looks like a "Frank" aka Frankenstein was priceless..."all you need is a bolt on each side of your neck" TOOOOO FUNNY! Everyone already calls him Lurch. I'm sorry, but that dude is straight up ugly, the side-profile is horrid!

  • Lucy Stock
    Lucy Stock

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  • Debbie Gibson (Jobes)
    Debbie Gibson (Jobes)

    I'd called the wedding off about time Miss b fforgot my family and Mrs. Know all started the 3 degree. As usual with the. Big K''s after the ring is revealed all the rest is out the window. It's not the wedding or the love or the meaning. its the image and show. Hope you enjoy the roller coaster ride Chris

  • Sarah Peters-Drobnick
    Sarah Peters-Drobnick

    Ok first learn how to check an article for errors it says that Kim has it out with Kourtney and then the video is about Kim and Khloe talking

  • hope

    I was a huge fan at the beginning when the shows were I am not anymore....i realized this in one episode when scott introduced his business partners one of them was left with his hand in the air when Chris GENER rudely ignored him...I miss the old Kardashians

  • felicia eze
    felicia eze

    kim i love ur way and u are too good.happy for u

  • Sandra

    All I can say is thank goodness these girls have lots of money as they are the most ridiculous idiotic self centered self serving people I think I have ever watched. I tried watching this and cannot believe that this is what is coming on tv these days. They do not have a shred of real caring or selflessness or actual intelligence between them and unfortunately that includes their mother from who all this flows. Come on guys is this really where we have come to as a society. We are truly in trouble.

  • Lisa McCready
    Lisa McCready

    omg im with khloe!!! i think kim will be divorced ina year maybe 2!!! i dont like kris and think he a player!!! kim you should of married thaqt aussie body guard!!!!!

  • Shanice09

    I hate seeing them fight!!!