Tyler Shields Defends Bruised Heather Morris Pictures

Shields and Zach Quinto
Tyler and Zach team up for their own television series.
Tyler Shields & Emma
Tyler shoots the beautiful Emma Roberts.
Tyler Shields is defending the “busted Barbie” photo shoot he recently did with Glee star Heather Morris. After releasing the above series of shots, Shields received “death threats” over the shots that showed Heather bruised.

“It was 25,000, maybe more,” he told the LA Times, “of the most violent, insane things.”

“This wasn’t glorifying domestic violence,” Tyler continued. “I didn’t sit down and say, ‘It would be awesome to punch the girl from “Glee” in the face.’ She’s clearly in makeup and doing Barbie gone nuts.”

In fact, Shields took a few of those letters and comments into his own hands:

“One e-mail was from a 16-year-old kid that had an opening line so horrible … it was racist, went after the gays, called me terrible things, so I tracked him down. I got his phone number, somewhere in Maryland, and called him up.”

The minor’s mother answered and Tyler proceeded to read the note to her.

What do you think: do you understand the “busted Barbie” concept? Or do you still find it inappropriate?