WATCH: The Making of David Guetta & Usher’s New Video ‘Without You’ (VIDEO)

Papa Usher
The R&B star walks his sons in NYC.
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What do you get when you pair a global music sensation with one of the world’s most famous DJs? Answer: Awesome music. Duh!

Mix master David Guetta and Usher are set to release the official video for their musical collaboration “Without You” this Friday, but Celebuzz has a first look with a super sweet behind-the-scenes!

“The concept is that every continent is going back together,” David explains. “It’s like one big party, and there are no more different continents.”

*Nerd Note: The concept is based of off Pangaea, a hypothesized supercontinent that existed 250 million years ago before the continents separated.

In this new world the video imagines, “We’re all together,” he says. “It’s about the love and the music. That’s what the video is and that’s what the record is.”

Usher describes the video seeks to illustrate those moments when you’re “so happy but you’re crying at the same time.”

Natch, the R&B sensation busts out with some of his signature moves on set. We’ve gotta say he’s never looked or sounded better!