Beyonce & Jessica Simpson Baby Bump Rumors: What Do You Believe? (POLL)

Beyonce's Bikini Bump
Beyonce Baby Bump Croatia
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While one woman is being accused of wearing a fake baby bump, another female is rumored to be having a secret pregnancy. Both Jessica Simpson and Beyonce Knowles have had the gossip columns flooding with speculation as to what they're carrying in the tummy area. 

Rumors have been swirling for months that Jessica has a bun in the oven but no one from her camp (or family) have confirmed this. 

Meanwhile, some have speculated that Beyonce (who announced her pregnancy at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards) has been wearing a fake baby bump. These rumors became stronger after the "Love On Top" singer went to sit down for an interview on Australia's Sunday Night program. 

Bey's rep tells ABC the fake bump rumors are "stupid, ridiculous and false." Check out the interview below to see the moment in question for yourself. 


In late September, In Touch Weekly reported quite confidently that Jessica was in fact pregnant. The report read: 

 “The 31-year-old singer recently attended the 32nd birthday party of her fiancé, Eric Johnson, where she sent back her glass of champagne for a birthday toast. As it turns out, the pair has something even better to celebrate. A source close to Jessica and Eric tells In Touch the couple is expecting their first child.”
Paparazzi photos and baggy clothing also haven't helped in disparaging this rumor. Some think Jessica will announce in People magazine's pregnancy issue. 

Given the rumors and reports, what do you believe? Does Beyonce have a fake baby bump? Is Jessica pregnant? Sound off in the comments and cast your vote in the poll!


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  • carolb

    She may be a couple of weeks pregnant in this photo but definitely not as far as the bump would indicate. Any woman who has ever been pregnant knows that you cannot sit down that way with a bump so big. One does not bend over into a chair that way because a real bump just does not allow you to. A pregnant woman has to sit down with a very straight back and cannot crumple over and fall into a chair that way...think about it people

  • Kitteh

    Beyonce must be jealous of Jessica. Lol!

  • O.o

    Beyonce= Fake belly. Fake bitch.


    Maybe Beyonce is wearing the padding to protect her baby bump.She definitely looked pregnant in those bikini pics and she definitley looked like she had padding on in those other pics...Just another thought...

  • Angie

    Who cares I don't have to feed either of them babies.

  • anonymous

    Horse faced Jessica Simpson isn't pregnant, she's fat.

  • Gabby

    Beyonce is 100% pregnant. Let's not forget the bikini pictures of her that were released like 3 weeks ago. Pregnant. Now, considering how private her and Jay Z are...I wouldn't put it past her to wear a fake bump to help throw off everyone about how far along she is and when she may deliver. And Jessica Simpson definitely is pregnant. She looks like she could be over 6 months pregnant.