Beyonce Releases 'Best Thing I Never Had' Alternate Fan Video -- Exclusive!

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A few months ago, Celebuzz announced that Beyonce would be putting together a fan alternate video for her song "Best Thing I Never Had" that would feature fans' personal footage and we're happy to announce that it's finally here!

In the original video, Beyonce celebrates her big (wedding) day by taking a journey through a number of photos of home videos, and was inspired to have her fans join in on the fun. Now, Celebuzz has the exclusive final video for your viewing pleasure!

After thousands of submissions, YOU could very well see yourself in BK's video -- all you have to do is watch! Check it out after the jump!

Even if you don't see yourself, this sweet video is definitely worth watching and will get you in the mood to dust off those old photo albums and home movies!

With a baby on the way, BK has many more memories to come!

What do you think of the video? Did you see your own footage? Sound off in the comments!
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  • Christian

    Your musics inspire me that love exist,B i love u

  • Indirah

    Congratulations for your pregnancy!!! and i would like to meet you one day, to make you discover guadeloupe a nice island of french west indies. I m happy because you chose my videos for the fan video best thing i never had: the couple who is on the clift with the sea, the first picture. My hunsband and i are so happy!!! We are french and we apologize for our english. You are so beautiful Beyonce!!!

  • Cheryl Thompson
    Cheryl Thompson

    I think Lady-b and JZ make a lovely couple they look so good 2gether I know their baby is going to look like Lady-B .. ..

  • bola

    Beyonce happen to be one of the favorite art in the world

  • Nokis Auqqlophen
    Nokis Auqqlophen

    that man with a shiny suit & his wife got a lot of exposure in this video. umm it could've been better if they've added a sneak peek of Jay-Z and Beyonce's wedding at the end of the video.

  • Nokis Auqqlophen
    Nokis Auqqlophen

    that man with a shiny suit & his wife got a lot of exposure in this video. umm

  • Jennifer Campbell
    Jennifer Campbell

    My awesome cousin Misty and her equally awesome husband are in this video....I'm glad they were included because they def had an awesome photo shoot and an even more awesome life together

  • Amanda Asinor
    Amanda Asinor

    2 of my prom pictures are in the video :)

  • Benjamin Walker
    Benjamin Walker

    There is a rumor that I read in the paper today that Beyonce is not pregnant and I think she is cause it shows.

  • Hey

    Wat i desire to see 4 so long.i thank God

  • Nijah

    I love u Beyonce!!!!! Your pregnant and still looking good.Congratulations!!!

  • Clarita

    Queen bee u rock my world u are every tin to me u are my life i love u so much nd i wisk u safe dilevery in jesus name .

  • Friendly

    if only u kno hw much i luv u.i drm of u comin 2 zambia,wl u plz?4 me.

  • hazel

    Queen B u jst rocking my world n driving me crazy always n everyday, I'm also crazy bwt da new video

  • hazel

    Queen B u jst rocking my world n driving me crazy always n everyday

  • rajthala sansar
    rajthala sansar

    k ko ho

  • Gisellah

    YAAAAAAAASS! Love it.

  • Alicia Stunner
    Alicia Stunner


  • Tina

    Congradulation queen-B happy for u being a mother is wonderful thing ;) love u n Nice job


    beyonce whn u put 2 bed name ur son afta me. name him evans cus i knw it is a son datis coming

  • Camila Bedoya
    Camila Bedoya

    love it!

  • Tiffany FashionGuru Hendricks