‘Jersey Shore’ Cast Gets In Multiple Club Brawls in New Promo (VIDEO)

Snooki's Tumble
The 'Shore' meatball takes a fall.
Snooki Talks Jersey Boys
Snooki reveals which 'Jersey' guy is the gayest.
Put up your dukes because it’s not even Jersday, and the fighting has already begun! 

In this sneak peek clip of Jersey Shore in Florence, Italy, we witness Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino getting into a heated argument with some club locals, while the rest of the Shore  guys try and defuse the misunderstanding. Vinny Guadagnino doesn’t quite believe The Sitch’s tough guy act, saying in the confessional:

“Mike knows that there are bouncers in the club, Mike only acts like a tough guy when there’s people around to hold back the fight.”

But the boys weren’t the only ones to get rowdy!

The clip also shows us Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Deena Nicole Cortese having a girl’s night while everyone else heads home, but things make a turn for the worse when the girls decide to keep the party going at a different location. Once there, the meatballs continue to get harassed by some guys at the club. The bartender even throws ice at the girls to which Snooki blows up and starts knocking over drinks at the bar before being quickly escorted out of the club.

We’re only two episodes away from the end of Jersey Shore season four. Will you be watching Thursday?