Kim Kardashian Wedding: The Gorgeous Ceremony! (VIDEO)

Kim & Kris' Honeymoon
Pics from the newlyweds' posh getaway.
Kim & Kris NYC Party!
Friends welcome the couple to the big apple.
Kim & Kris: Couple Pics!
Photos of the newlyweds together!
In the world of televised celebrity weddings, the nuptials between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries might take the cake.

Kim’s over-the-top, ultra-glamorous Fairy Tale Wedding was finally unveiled for the world to see on Monday night, and anyone expecting beautiful luxury was not disappointed. After a lot of drama, infighting and tension between the bride and groom — standard fare for any wedding, celebrity or not, these days — Kim ultimately made her way down the aisle looking absolutely stunning in her Vera Wang gown and dripping with diamonds.

With family and friends from both sides surrounding them, Kris and Kim glowed as they stared at each other on the altar and exchanged vows. Kim told Kris that she admires how he keeps her “grounded,” while Kris couldn’t help but call out Kim’s compassion and big heart.

But it wasn’t all roses and rainbows in the lead-up to the wedding, as tension between the couple led to constant arguing, whether it was about guest lists or food options.