Mischa Barton Poses With Red Meat for Peculiar Tyler Shields Shoot (PHOTOS)

Heather's Sexy Shoot!
The 'Glee' gal glams up for Tyler Shields photoshoot. Watch »

While controversy surrounds Tyler Shields' photo shoot with Glee gal Heather Morris and her black eye, that didn't stop the celebrity photographer from posting pics of Mischa Barton gnawing on raw meat!

The former OC star posed in a series of shots with the raw steak, with her red lipstick on full display. Tyler wrote about the shoot: 

So one day out of the blue I start getting emails with the subject 'Mischa Barton.' Upon opening the emails I realize they are from her fan club in Brazil. They were asking me to shoot her. ... At the same time they were emailing me, they were emailing one of her best friends about me. I randomly met her friend and we talked about it. A few days later, this happened …  She was amazing to work with and I cant wait to do it again."
Meanwhile, upon releasing the Heather Morris shots, Shields received “death threats” over the shots that showed Heather bruised. “It was 25,000, maybe more,” he told the LA Times, “of the most violent, insane things.”

“This wasn’t glorifying domestic violence,” Tyler continued. “I didn’t sit down and say, ‘It would be awesome to punch the girl from Glee in the face.’ She’s clearly in makeup and doing Barbie gone nuts.”

What do you think of Tyler's photographs? Are they too shocking or is that the point of art? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Tina2221

    You think this is gross check out the video during the shoot! Watch her take the raw meat. I've seen the video at CELEBUR.COM I think its still up.

  • danielleakame

    wtf!!! gross!! both to the raw meat on her face and her teeth. damn where is the photo shop when u need it.

  • Gini Hibler
    Gini Hibler

    So gross! How is she not embarrassed by her disgusting teeth?!

  • Stiffler

    Eeeew. Her druggy teeth are just yuk! Dentist pronto.

  • Zac Heffron
    Zac Heffron

    She is such a beautiful and talented young woman. I don’t understand why she wastes her time doing such nonsensical photo shoots. She’s better than this.