Exclusive ‘Jersey Shore’ Clip: Situation Has a Bathroom Malfunction (VIDEO)

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The Situation might be a smooth (if not aggressive) character when it comes to the ladies. However, when it comes to finding his way out of an Italian bathroom, he isn’t always so suave.

In this exclusive clip from tomorrow’s (October 13) episode of Jersey Shore — the last episode before the big season finale on Oct. 20 — Situation finds himself in a bit of a pickle when the door won’t open after he takes care of some bathroom business. “I don’t want to kick it down,” he says as Ronnie and Deena try to help him out.

Eventually, Ronnie is able to pry the door open with his beefy arms, freeing his frenemy from eternity in the john.

Whether in Jersey or in Italy, there’s been no shortage of drama with Situation and the rest of the Shore crew this season. Mike has found himself at the center of a handful of blowouts — whether it was his fistfight with Ronnie that ended up with a hospital trip (courtesy of a concrete wall) or spreading false gossip about Snooki that sent her into a bottle-throwing rage.