Jack Osbourne Announces He’s Going to Be a Dad (VIDEO)

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There’s about to be another little Osbourne brought into the world!

Jack Osbourne, with his parents Ozzy and Sharon by his side, made the big announcement on Tuesday night on Piers Morgan Tonight, seemingly put on the spot by the British host who has known the family for years. Jack began the conversation by saying his life is “absolutely insane” right now, prompting Piers to ask: “Do you have something to tell me?”

Indeed he did.

“Well, yes … I am about to be a father,” Jack said, confirming for the first time that he and fiance Lisa Stelly will soon be parents. “I’m not going to do a reality show though,” Jack jokingly adds.

“That is fantastic!” Piers replied, with Ozzy saying he’s “in shock” about the news, but that it’s “fabulous.”

Sharon chimed in as well, saying: “I’m happy because it’s what Jack wants. I’ve always wanted to be a grandma.”

Morgan closes the interview by saying “Jack, you have made my decade … I couldn’t be happier.”