Kelly Clarkson Goes Makeup Free In NYC (PHOTOS)

Kelly Clarkson went for the au naturel look as she arrived at her NYC hotel Tuesday evening. Makeup-free, Kelly put on a friendly smile for the photogs and was dressed in a casual outfit---a black leather jacket, an outlandish floral top and black pants.

What do you think of Kelly's sans makeup ensemble? Sound off in the comments!

The "Mr. Know It All" singer recently told Britain's Closer Magazine that years of working non-stop on her music career has taken its toll.

"I feel like I’m 45," she vented. "Because my career went from zero to 100, there was no 'growing.'  I learned well under pressure, but like, four years passed by and I hit rock bottom. It was four years of non-stop (work)."

But with her new album, Stronger, set to hit stores on October 24, the former American Idol winner is definitely getting back on track! "Mr. Know It All" is a mainstream hit, and it's currently ranked No. 20 on iTunes.

The 29-year-old singer also announced that she's playing a free concert at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on October 19. Meanwhile, she will join The Band Perry, Demi Lovato and a slew of other artists to pay tribute to Steve Jobs at the O Music Awards on October 31.



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  • elly

    kelly clarkson looks pretty here. heck she is pretty with or without makeup. i dont think her look drastically changes, she is probably tired from a long day of working. and the fact that she can STILL be pretty without makeup, tired and gettin up there in age speaks volumns about the girls that look horrid without makeup and are young

  • pak31

    I see your point but I don't wear too much make up so that when I don't have any on, I don't look too much different. She obviously wears way too much because she looks nothing like she normally does.

  • pak31

    I agree but at the same time, the fact that she looks SO different without makeup shows just how much she wears, meaning too much. Makeup should enhance your appearance not drastically change it.

  • eileen

    Didn't your parents teach that if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Feel you are jealous as you probably have nothing to recommend you as a human being.

  • Kim

    She is a amazing singer!! Why are you looking at her if you this she doesn t have talent? Get a life don t talk such stuff about her she is just great! You stink!!!!! :@:@:@

  • Monica Cyr
    Monica Cyr

    I totally agree Karen. And she's just as beautiful au naturel<3.

  • Michele

    hmm & what talent do YOU have? Kelly is beautiful and an incredible artist and a great person, too. She has class and style. No reason for anybody to be hating.

  • ThatGuy

    Ha, thanks for the info, grandpa!

  • Gilbert R Albright Jr
    Gilbert R Albright Jr

    I haven't seen her without make up before, but I've seen her plenty of times WITHOUT TALENT!

  • chriss

    Kelly is adorable with or without make-up. She looks a little tired from traveling. I love her style. She is comfortable with herself and doesn't care about being flashy. Leather jacket with flip can you not love her???

  • lolee

    She looks kinda cute here.

  • lolee

    Did she cut her hair too? I've always liked Kelly but this is definitely not a flattering picture of her.

  • Karen

    I think it's great she's comfortable enough to be seen w/o makeup. She isn't trying to hide her face like some celebs do. All celebrities look as plain Jane as we do, they just don't let us see it. Kudos to Kelly for being secure in her own skin.

  • Eileen Sims
    Eileen Sims

    She is adorable, looks just like our daughter Kelly, they could be sisters. Kelly is a real talent and a wonderful human ./

  • danielleakame

    i understand that wearing makeup on your day off sucks, but ding dang, looks nothing like her!

  • RMG

    And??? What do you look like on a day you are just relaxing?

  • Snides

    Look!! That two and a half men boy is all growed up. Awwwww.

  • Ninjalilly

    good skin. looks like a kid.