Leighton Meester Chased By Paparazzi in ‘Gossip Girl’ Scene (PHOTOS)

Leighton Meester is used to the paparazzi tailing her, but this is all very new for Blair Waldorf. The actress was spotted in NYC on Wednesday shooting a few Gossip Girl scenes where she’s being mobbed by photographers.

Looking super chic, Blair is dressed in a stunning yellow coat and winter hat for the scenes. On the show, Blair is pregnant, and on Tuesday night’s episode, audiences were on the edge of their seats trying to determine who was the baby’s daddy!

In the beginning, Blair puts off learning the paternity of her child as it is between her on again-off again lover Chuck (Ed Westwick) or her fiance Louis. Blair overhears Louis saying he’s not ready to be a father and it worries her, but turns out, he is the father. 

After hearing the news, Louis seems thrilled and Chuck is seen crying in his bed. 

Do you think it will last between Louis and Blair, or will she go back to Chuck?