Selena Gomez Channels Her Inner Nicki Minaj in EMA Promo! (VIDEO)

We know that Selena Gomez loves her some Nicki Minaj, but this really takes her admiration to another level!

SelGo is set to host the European MTV Video Music Awards in November, and in this just released promo, the 19-year-old shows off her impeccable rapping skill.

Dressed as her sweet self on one side, the rapping alter ago of Selena is a little more feisty to say the least.

Watch the promo above!

According to the Mirror, music acts such as Jessie J, Coldplay and LMFAO are set to perform at the ceremony in Belfast on 

Are you excited for Selena to host the EMAs? Sound off in the comments!



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  • Aimee

    wat song

  • rainbowpanda

    lol that was sooooooooooooo cuute but now i have the song stuck in my head congratulations to meeeee lol

  • JessicaLynn

    Selena Is A Beautiful Andd Talented Young Lady - Yes, Justin Beiber May Have Boosted Her Visibility Some . But She Was All Over Tabloids Before Him As Well . #JusSayin

  • nicki

    i think that selena is sooooooo cute and justin is cute bt nt to much......selena should chose a better still happy for their relationship.......a cute couple.... ;-) And justin is 7th no. On top 50 woman lolzzzz X-D

  • niks

    according 2 me selena became famous due to her talent AND NT C'US OF JUSTIN......!!!! Did all of u understood u can say that u all r just jealous of her beauty n her relationship with jb......OK.....!!!!!!!!!!

  • bby

    yes she was famous before she started dating him, but she became this big as she is today only after she started dating hiem.....if you pay attencion in blogs and stuff most of the time they write 'justin bieber's better half' or 'justin bieber's girlfriend' but you don't see selena gomez' boyfriend that often when it is justin that's on the news!

  • Gina

    Screw you. She was famous before Bieber, she'll be famous after. She'll last longer than him anyways. You cared enough about her to comment :)

  • skdjksda

    all this fame ONLY because of Justin Biever,uuughhh,if Justin BieVer broke up with her,she is nothing anymore,BYE SELENA!

  • Anne

    wearing a bra!!!