Lindsay Lohan Hits 'Saints Row' Party After Tongue Fight With Kale (PHOTOS)

Who knew that Lindsay Lohan was a gamer?

Well, that's not actually true -- or at least fully known -- but she definitely did come out to lend her support for the release of the hit new blood-and-guts video game Saints Row: The Third. With her blonde locks flowing and sporting a short black sleeved dress with gold heels, Lindsay posed like a pro for photographers as she made her way into the party.

While Lindsay might be able to handle a red carpet and even a video game, there's one thing she apparently cannot handle: Kale. Yes, the vegetable. On Wednesday, she tweeted: "Why is kale so hard on the tongue? it's just not meant to be a 'food friend' of mine, no matter how hard i try! :(" Try swiss chard, Linds!

As for Saints Row: The Third, describes it as:

They stirred up the streets of Stilwater and became the new kings of the town. Now, the city of Steelport is about to get rusted when the Saints take the fight to the Syndicates' turf for the biggest, most outlandish chapter in this epic gang war to date.
Also in attendance were Rob Kardashian, Carmen Electra and other celebs.



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  • marcy

    ok, its obviously nail polish. But LOOK AT HER FACE! Definitely fucked up on something; super bloated too. Poor girl looks a wreck and is too fucked up to have the good sense to stay home on her bad days...... have to say though that although the sausage fingers are yucky, the water retention isnt so bad for her face.... kinda fills out all the burnout wrinkles. the face pudge is remniscent of her better days.....

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Its almost like she is deliberately acting like a walking disaster for attention... Who would WAVE to a camera intentionally with nail polish all over their hands... Seriously?!

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    This is Anna Nicole Smith all over again...

  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    I bet her teeth have gotten bad from throwing up....

  • anon

    she was probably huffing it

  • danielleakame

    lol saints row...looks more like skid row. wtf is up with her teeth and her hands. i get that it might be nail polish but girl clean up if youre going to go out!

  • Tera Tidwell
    Tera Tidwell

    Looks like a black light tattoo

  • dafish11

    her teeth!

  • julie

    Who else would go to a party with nail polish stains all over the palm of her hand?? Front teeth look like rotten. The girl is about 25 and already sinking. God help her, nobody else seems to be able to.

  • jingles

    What's that on her wrist?

  • Sierra Alexandra Walker
    Sierra Alexandra Walker

    Honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were crack pipe burns...look at her teeth... :(

  • Kelly Cheryl
    Kelly Cheryl

    Ewww. Doesn't anyone force her to bathe?

  • maxi

    she looks good, leave her alone haters!

  • sheri

    Let's see her hands today and if they are gone, you are correct, Ernie. If not, Well, another life wasted.

  • ernie

    duh. just nail polish...stains have the same color & shine...

  • sheri

    Crack pipe burns.

  • Anne


  • just.not.right

    poor girl. when she was young she use to be so naturally pretty.. now when she smiles it doesn't even look like her face :(