Penn Badgley Recalls Being Bombarded By Catholic School Girls (VIDEO)

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Penn Badgley is used to the limelight as he most recently received the shock of his life when he landed the role of late singer-songwriter Jeff Buckley in the indie biopic Greetings from Tim Buckley. However, the Gossip Girl guy recalled to Nylon Magazine about when he was first recognized by “60 or so Catholic school girls, and they were all wearing plaid skirts and white shirts.”

“They were like pulling off my scarf and my hat. One would yell and then the rest of them would start yelling. … I took a picture and the second they heard that, they were like, ‘BAH!’ They came and rushed me again.”

Penn added, half jokingly: 

“That’s when the bodyguard came.”

As for his new role playing rock star Jeff Buckley, he recently said at a press conference, “I was absolutely devastatingly awestruck and ecstatic.”

Filming began this summer, and in talking with Nylon, Penn discussed the gravity of portraying the infamous musician who tragically drowned and earned great posthumous praise.

“It’s really heavy, and I know that when it’s over I’m just going to want to shave my head and jump out of a plane – with a parachute on,” he said. “It’s pretty moving, and transformative, and I could talk about it for hours.”

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