Bonus Clip! ‘Jersey Shore’ Meatballs Snooki & Deena Enjoy Freshly Squeezed Breakfast (VIDEO)

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Last night’s episode of Jersey Shore continues to project the ‘Guidos’ and ‘Guidettes’ in the most outlandish ways. 

In a hilarious deleted scene from last night’s rambunctious episode, we find the two self-proclaimed “meatballs” bonding over mimosas, flirting with Italian waiters and engaging in some sexual innuendos.

Typical Thursday night stuff for the feisty twosome!

In this video, both Snooki and Deena are having a blast in glass — literally — while teasing their waiter about his ‘stache. With Deena notably slurring pronunciations and Snooki’s blunt outbursts, the duo shines hysterically.

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