Box Office Battle: ‘Footloose’ vs. ‘The Thing’ (POLL)

Selena takes in 'The Thing'
See Selena Gomez on the red carpet for 'The Thing' premiere
Julianne Debuts 'Footloose'
Julianne Hough attends Footloose premiere in Nashville
Hot remakes and bone-chilling prequels will own the box office this weekend.

First, we have Julianne Hough starring in the much-anticipated remake of Footloose, but we also have Mary Elizabeth Winstead starring in The Thing, a prequel to the John Carpenter film of the same name.

Which leading babe will have the number one movie? You decide!

Buzz about the remake of Footloose has been swarming for months. With everyone knowing the premise (small-town boy lives in a town where dancing and rock music is banned), many fans are eager to see how the new cast will revisit the iconic 80s film.

Also a classic 80s film, the newest release of The Thing follows a team of scientists who discover a super alien buried in the ice of Antarctica who is still alive, but this extraterrestrial is more than the team has bargained for.

Two sexy starlets and two classic 80s stories will hold the fort at theaters this weekend. Which of these movies are you more likely to watch? Vote in our poll and sound off in the comments!