'Charlie's Angels' Canceled by ABC: Report

So much for living on a prayer.

According to Deadline, ABC has officially pulled the plug on its low-rated reboot Charlie's Angels.

The action/drama series, which co-stared Friday Night Lights beauty Minka Kelly, never managed to catch on with audiences, pulling just 8.7 million viewers and a 2.1 rating in its premiere episode. Though ratings for last night's episode did improve slightly from last week, its dismal 1.3 rating in the key 18-49 demo was arguably the final nail in the coffin.

Though ABC is shutting down production on the series, there is still a glimmer of hope for fans who enjoyed the short-lived series. According to reports, ABC will air the remaining episodes that have already been filmed. No word yet on how many episodes remain.

Did you watch Charlie's Angels? Did it deserve to be canceled? Post your reactions in the comments below, then click through our TV Cancellation Watch gallery to find out which new shows are still alive.



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  • Jeff Stevens
    Jeff Stevens

    The original show pioneered the era of "jiggle" tv. The jiggle would get you to turn the channel then you'd get hooked by the story. Minka Kelly, a beautiful girl, was buttoned up tighter than a nun - and she's suppose to be the big draw! Great fashion, nice scenery, good filming, but sex appeal was very low. If Minka didn't want to get into a skimpy bikini, they should have passed on her. The other girls were better, but far from the braless T-shirts of Farrah or the open blouses of Jacyln. No one came to see; no one stayed to watch.

  • Jonathan Siewert
    Jonathan Siewert

    I heard Drew Barrymore produced the show and she starred in those lame Charlie's Angels movies.

  • ugh

    um it deserved to be canceled. the show was retarded. like did they actually think people would watch it.

  • Sarah Angela
    Sarah Angela

    What a rip off. I like the show!!!

  • stephanie

    They should have changed the day it airs or the time slot fox has better shows. I had to use ny dvr in order to watch it. I liked it and don't want it canceled

  • Lorraine Carano
    Lorraine Carano

    It was very poor judgement to cast three randomly chosen actresses whose names that they picked out of a hat in Charlie’s Angels. They made poor choices with the actors cast as Bosley and Charlie as well. Actors like Eddie Izzard, Jeremy Piven and William Shatner would have been better.

  • Merson

    I hope the gorgeous and talented Rachael Taylor does more American mainstream movies from now on and begins her ascension to the A-list.

  • Steve H
    Steve H

    I think the show could have grown on me (I thought it was "okay"). It is really reminiscent of the original (and that's a little weird), the ladies are beautiful, and the show is fun. I think scheduling was a bit optimistic on this one, though. Big Bang Theory takes the bulk of the audience, and of course, Vampire Diaries would maintain a hold on younger audiences. Not much to launch on. Surprised DVR viewing didn't give it a boost, though.

  • kira

    me too! my first reaction when i saw the headline was "aawww". i thought it was great fluff with gorgeous people in fabulous settings. it's really all i needed from this type of drama. i liked the girls, and bosley, too!

  • Penelopi Kokkinias
    Penelopi Kokkinias

    I was actually one of the few that did watch the show and loved it. am very disappointed that they canceled it :( Maybe next time they should survey and see if these types of shows will last long. RIP Charlies Angels I actually watched u