Olivia Wilde Says Goodbye to 'House' (VIDEO)

After four years on the hit drama, House, Olivia Wilde is calling it quits. Next week's episode will be her last time at Dr. House (Hugh Laurie)'s practice. Speaking to E! News about her final episode, Olivia revealed:
"There's a few good reasons for [Thirteen] not to be working anymore as a doctor. She's had a disease for a number of years and she doesn't necessarily have that many years left. At this point she's struggling with that dilemma. But of course it's always up to House. No matter how much he drives them crazy, he's still the most compelling and dynamic person to work for. And ultimately, it's resolved for her."

Check out the clip above from next week's episode and see what happens when Thirteen confronts House.

Wilde is keeping busy and has many projects coming up. She is the new face for Revlon and will be starring in over five movies next year including the highly anticipated film, Lovelace.



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  • JHCL

    I don't care why she is leaving, I'm just thrilled that she finally is. The fans always thought her relationship with Forman was a snooze fest and a waste of valuable screentime. And she was always Cameron lite, but TPTB never, ever explained to Jennifer Morrison's many fans why they dumped her. The show's been going downhill for years without her. It's basically a somewhat updated version of, depending upon how you look at it, "The Perils of Pauline/House" or "The Trials of Job/House." Hated it!

  • Love13

    Olivia is an amazing actress, and HOUSE won't be the same without her! Saw that this song is going to be in her final episode - beautiful song to bid farewell to a beautiful actress! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p7tY8LF6W2k (Ballad of El Goodo by The Wellspring) Good luck to Olivia with all the movies she has coming up! Ain't no one gonna turn her around!