Salma Hayek and Daughter Valentina Arrive in Miami (PHOTOS)

Looks like it was bring your daughter to work day for Salma Hayek!

She arrived in Miami with daughter Valentina Pinault for the premiere of Puss in Boots — which Salma lends her sultry voice to.

Even though she’s hitting a high note in her career, being a mom is priority number one. She also says she counts her blessings when it comes to her success. 

She recently told Latina the magazine:

“I’m 45, so it’s a miracle I’m working in the first place – especially because I’m not even here [stateside] chasing it.  Nowadays I only work with friends or somebody I admire, or on something that is really special. Somehow, just by doing that, it’s the year that I worked the most in my life!”

Check out the trailer for Salma’s latest animated flick (and Shrek spin-off) Puss In Boots co-starring Antonio Banderas.

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