‘Footloose’ Star Julianne Hough’s Best Bikini Looks (PHOTOS)

Bikini Bodies: Guess Who?!
Can you match the Celeb with their bikini?
November’s Self magazine cover girl Julianne Hough works hard to maintain her hot bikini bod, and we love that she loves showing it off!

Julianne spent much of this past summer on the beaches of Miami, FL and always looked sexy and stylish in her wide assortment of bikinis. And we’re sure that her work as rebellious Ariel in the upcoming Footloose remake helped her stay fit!

Julianne’s time on Dancing With the Stars catapulted the tight-bodied 23-year-old into fame, but with Footloose, she’s trying to make a name for herself as an actress – and according to recent reviews, she may be well on her way!

“Wormald and Hough aren’t quite ready for the Oscars yet but they’re pitch perfect for what they’re asked to do here,” says ABC News.

Be sure to check out our gallery of Julianne’s best bikini looks and let us know your reviews of the remake of Footloose, now in theaters!