Relationship Expert Siggy Flicker Weighs In on Summer Breakups

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If there is one thing that notorious New York matchmaker Siggy Flicker knows, it’s relationships. From why they fail to how they blossom and flourish, she knows the tricks that the rest of us continue to search for!

Celebuzz chatted with Siggy about the onslaught of summer breakups we saw and asked her to share her expert opinion.

On her new show Why Am I Still Single?, which debuts on VH1 Sunday at 9 PM, Siggy will teach a group of people how to break their single status record. She talks about dealing with rejection and how women like Jennifer Lopez go after what they want.

“Jennifer Lopez and Mark Anthony broke up with class and dignity. She keeps herself open, she’s a romantic and she gives it her all. I applaud her for that.”

Siggy cites that being honest and upfront like George Clooney is the best approach when it comes to dating and relationship.

“It’s all about being honest, being centered and being truthful. Not one person can get mad at George Clooney because he’s very upfront. He has no desire to be in a committed relationship and he makes it clear from the beginning.”

For more of Siggy’s famous New York matchmaking tips, watch the premiere of Why Am I Still Single? on VH1 October 16th!