Disney XD Presents ‘Fort Boyard-Ultimate Challenge’

If you love a good reality adventure series, be sure to catch tonight’s premiere of  Disney XD’s  Fort Boyard-Ultimate Challenge!

If you’ve never heard of Fort Boyard-Ultimate Challenge, let Celebuzz catch you up!

This show is based on Fort Boyard — one of the most successful adventure game shows in the world — and it is the first kids version of the series, which has been produced in 40 countries worldwide!

The series is set in a 19th century sea fort off the coast of France. It introduces six teams who compete in a tournament where only one team will ultimately get the key to unlock the historic fort’s hidden treasures and win the honor of calling themselves the conquerors of Fort Boyard.

The 1o-part Disney XD series is hosted by Geno Segers (who also plays Mason in Disney XD’s hit series Pair of Kings). As with any Disney production, it is sure to be full of fun and excitement for all ages! 

Check it out for yourself: the show premieres tonight, Monday, October 17th!

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