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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

We're anxiously awaiting the premiere of the new Megan & Liz video "Are You Happy Now?" directed by 90210 star Shenae Grimes this Wednesday -- but before the big debut, Celebuzz has a special treat!

Not only have we given you an exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at their wardrobe (also styled by Shenae), but we're giving away a pair of shoes and feather earrings featured in the video!

Here’s how to enter to win:

Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and ‘Like’ us on Facebook, and then leave a comment below telling us why you should win.

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway will close on Monday, October 24th at 9 AM ET.

Get commenting!


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  • Poetry

    Thank you for every other informative blog. Where else may just I am getting that kind of info written in such an ideal way? I have a venture that I'm simply now operating on, and I've been on the look out for such info.

  • Shaney Collins
    Shaney Collins

    I think that I should win because for one I am a really big fan of Megan and Liz. I have been fans of them and I have been subscribed to their videos ever since I heard them sing Taylor Swift's "White Horse". I love everything about these girls from their amazing style and personalities to their hypnotizing voices. I am a big supporter of anti bullying. I believe thar their video really puts thongs into perspectives and really mad anyone who has watched it. I think that this song is very relatable to just about anyone. I absolutely loved Megan and Liz before but this video make me love them "oh so much more"!

  • Emma Lyn Schwartz
    Emma Lyn Schwartz

    I should win because I love Megan and Liz, They are my idols. I would be so happy if I won. I almost cried when I first listened to "Are You Happy Now" because I have been bullied my entire life at school. This would really mean so much to me. I have memorized all of Megan and Liz's songs! I am also seeing them on tour. If possible please let me win.

  • lenka

    I think I should win because I am yours big fan :P I'm from Poland and I love yours style and Liz's hair. I think I should win because I haven't shoes like that and I dream of crazy shoes. And I think it will be good to my dress :)

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    I would love to win because Megan and Liz are two of my biggest inspirations. The earrings would also go really well with the dress I'm planning to wear to prom this year. :)

  • Aliya Renee Spears
    Aliya Renee Spears

    I think I should win the shoes and earrings because i adore Megan and Liz and i would be so lucky to have something of theirs. They are one of my biggest idols and I love them dearly , thank you.

  • anasofia

    i should win because since the begining i've been supporting you guys in every way possible..I GOT EXCITED WHEN U STARTED UPLOADING MUSIC TO ITUNES...U HAVE NEVER LEFT ME DOWN I ONLY WANT YOU GUYS TO BECOME FAMOUS SO EVERYONE CAN SEE HOW AMAZING U GUYS ARE! IM FORM MEXICO...AND LISTEN TO YOUR SONGS ALL DAYY! I love ur beauty channel and admire your style so it would be so nice if u could have the shoes or earings at least!! btw that video was so nice and true..i like how u always think of the positive things and help other people!

  • Angela

    I believe I should win because I absolutely love fashion and I am a huge supporter of Megan and Liz. Apart from having a new collection of amazing clothes, I would be able to own something that Megan and Liz have worn! Whenever I wear these clothes, I would remember their new song 'Are you Happy Now?' and I would feel great with the lyrics in my head. I really hope I will win.

  • Michelle Sutton
    Michelle Sutton

    Megan & Liz - When i first discovered megan&liz on youtube I thought wow they are some very Awesome singers! I was Impressed. So as i started to watch your videos, I knew i was one of your biggest fans ever! I think that you girls have worked so hard to get where you wanted to be, you guys are very talented. Megan & Liz you are my inspirational, When i saw the song "Are you happy now?" I thought, this song makes me happy because, last year i got bullied as well. I am in 7th grade now. And last year since i hated going to school so much since i got picked on i did not want to go to school so i missed a lot of school last year, luckily i passed 6th grade. I am a twin too. My sister Amber and I are very close and she always tried to tell me to stay positive. And When i heard this song it made me happy because it made me more positive. I love u guys so much! You guys are awesome. I really would like to have the earrings, and the shoes because not only do i think it would be cool to own them from two of my favorite fans ever, but it would make me happy to have a suvioneer from you guys. I think you guys are nice and very talented people. Goodluck to you both. Always remember you guys rock! :) Love, Michelle :)

  • Kristina Isshak
    Kristina Isshak

    Megan and Liz are amazing! I've watched them grow as artists for such a long time via Youtube. I want to start writing again, I just need some inspiration. By me wearing the things they have worn, maybe their inspiration will rub off on me? Or so I hope. :)

  • jessii011

    I know that everyone says that they want to win them. And believe me, I want to too. I think that Megan and Liz are two beautiful girls and they are doing everything they can to be a positive role model for many young girls. From their beauty tips, positive quotes, and all the orginizations that they are getting into to make the the world a better place. I want to win them, because whenever I would look at them or wear them, I'll remember Megan and Liz and know that they do what they can to be good role models, and I should do the same. :) Thank you for reading :)

  • Kristine Serzane
    Kristine Serzane

    well i think i should win because those shoes would be perfect for my white dress:) i like it and i should win:d

  • Emily

    I am the awkward nerdy outside kid and I love to embrace it took me forever to embrace it but now I can and I want to...

  • Jordan McKayla Slone
    Jordan McKayla Slone

    hey girls! you guys did an awesome job on this video! i love it! ive already posted it on my wall and put the lyrics as my status! i would love to win these because not only are they amazing but they were in such a meaningful video & every time i would look at them or wear them i would be reminded of all the people who are being bullied and i would stop and pray for each and everyone of them. my heart goes out to them<3 ive read alot of the comments people post on your videos and i just want to say that both you girls are equally beautiful dont listen to all of the people who say ones prettier than the other or sounds better because you both are amazing people! one thing ive always loved about you girls is that you dont stoop down to the worlds expectations and that you are yourselves! i would love for one day to be your friend and not just a fan! & remember God is there to help you get through anything and everything! sorry this turned into more of a letter and not just a contest entry. also i dont have a twitter or else i would totally follow but please dont let that automatically eliminate my entry. maybe ill make one just for this :) God Bless. ~Jordan

  • San Dalvi
    San Dalvi

    I would love love love to win this as I am a complete shoe-holic and these are gorgeous! I'd be over the moon if I won them. Thanks for the chance! XOX I follow you on Twitter @SS_Dal and am also a Fb fan.

  • Amanda Belleau
    Amanda Belleau

    Heyy! I think I should win because, well im not gunna liee, I honestly just love different things, fashion is like my life, and I loveeeee shoesss and accesories. I also love megan and liz. Theyre great singers and definitly someone to look up too. Also the stereo hearts cover was GREAT! Hopeee im your winner :) Thanks. -Amanda <3

  • Emma Rae
    Emma Rae

    I think I should win because this video really relates to me. I still am a victim of bullying. I also love their style it's hard to find items like this in New Zealand

  • chaychaynug


  • Lizbeth Hernandez-jaramillo
    Lizbeth Hernandez-jaramillo

    i would love to win because i want to turn heads when i wear them! they are very different but sexy!. its different to what i normally wear but i would take the risk!. the shoes are so nyc fashion. my fav accessories are earrings so they would b a nice addition to my collection.

  • Caitlyn Marie Kelley
    Caitlyn Marie Kelley

    I think that I should win the shoes and earrings because i love Megan and Liz. I think Liz rocked the heels and I want to rock them to. I love feathers and earrings so I love the earrings. I have emailed and sent letters to Megan and Liz to see what kinds of prizes i could win and I got no reply. Maybe they didn't go through but this is the first contest I have ever entered. I love Megan and Liz and I think I would be the perfect person to win this contest! love always Caitlyn

  • Anna

    I think I should win because we all have to work together against bullying. Seeing kids in my school being bullied for even their clothes! You have to keep your head up high and dont let those bully's affect you! Even crying is giving into them it makes them feel good but its wrong. Stay strong and think of happy things :) 160,000 kids not going to school EACH day from bullying! I think this is crazy! But if we all worked together maybe those 160,000 kids would go to school! If you have nothing polite to say you dont have to say anything. Going around giving out mean details isnt necessary and keeping kids from going to school..Keep your head up high and dont give in :) Good Luck! <3

  • Romina Kh
    Romina Kh

    Okay , The reason why I should win is because Megan & Liz are my idols. I love them , they've taught me so much! .. Their my inspiration , I always dress up like Megan & Liz! I always listen there Music! & I LOVE how they express how much the song is playing means to them I LOVE THEM Megan & Liz are simply AMAZING , I hope I win.

  • nonoz

    I think I should win because I'm just so far away- in Mauritius. That's in the Indian Ocean. And I feel like a gift from MeganandLiz(well, something that there is in their wardrobe too) is the uttermost best thing that could happen for a huge fan like me. I don't know how many times I watched 'Maybe, Possible' or 'Run Away' but I probably make up a quarter of the views all by myself, haha jks. Anyway, I don't know what I've got better than all those people above but you must know that a gift like that is to be cherished and if it happens to be me the winner (which I doubt) I will sure do that. Thank you for reading. Oh, and I don't think the shoes would fit though haha, I'm an european size 41, australian size 9and a half soo :P

  • Mallory Elise Hobson
    Mallory Elise Hobson

    I think I should win because I am trying to stop bullying because of them <3 And I am their #1 fan and it would be soooo amazing to get them! <3 <3 <3

  • Louis Here
    Louis Here

    I would love to win because the shoes and earrings are gorgeous and I would love to surprise my daughter with it Thank you for hosting this giveaway Louis pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  • lizelle

    i have been bullied all my life and teased that im ugly. i dont know much about fashion and honestly i dont deserve winning these but if i do it would make me smile

  • Susan Mckay
    Susan Mckay

    I think i should win because me and my twin sister are in love with what you both do. You both are our role models and we look up to you. I love your last video because i use to get bullied when i was wee so it means alot to me what you are doing and we have seen every video you have on youtube. And me and my sister would love the earrings and the shoes because we are different in what we wear and they are the two kinds of styles we like.xx hope you pick us.xx love the Uk Twins.xx P.S. I play the guitar like megan and me and my sister want to be like you and put videos on youtube.xx

  • La Mora
    La Mora

    I would love to win these for my daughter because she would never buy them herself and they would look so awesome on her!

  • Kim Nguyen
    Kim Nguyen

    I think I should win because I would absolutely love to create new outfits to match the shoes while also rocking the earrings with some of my edgier clothes I own. I also want the earrings because they are long and will almost look like those feather extensions, which I'm not allowed to get because my mom, & I also want the shoes because I love feeling taller in heels !

  • Lizzzz

    I should win because i love megan and liz, and the video was really inspirational to me. I went through some of the same things that has happened in the video and i know how it feels to be bullied whether it be cyber bullying or physically.

  • Lauren Guerriero
    Lauren Guerriero

    i believe i should win because Megan and Liz are my youtube inspirations. I would love the chance to win Megan and Liz's shoes and earrings because i am a twin myself and they continue to wow me with their talent. Also, Megan and Liz inspire everyone out their to stand up to bullying and take part in stopping bullying. <3

  • Taylor

    I think that I should win the shoes and/or earrings because Megan and Liz are one of my biggest inspirations in life. They are amazing role models to everyone and I try to have carry the attitude that they carry every single day. I have never met them or gone to a concert because they haven't come to Wisconsin yet, but as soon as they come close to Madison, I am for sure going. I would love to win these because I feel like when I wear them or just see them I'll think about their video and what it means to me and it will remind me to not only not be a bully myself, but to step up to bullying whenever I am able to. Bullying is a huge issue in a lot of people's lives and it's important that people try to do something about it whenever they can. A majority of the world has been through some type of bullying, no matter how big or small it was, its not okay and its very cruel and hurtful. We all need to be a team and stop this issue together. YOU can help. You may think that your just one person and won't make a difference, but you could save someones life someday. I know that what I have just said might not make sense to why I should win, but I believe it does. I wanna make a change in this world because bullying is a big part in my life and I want it to stop. It would honestly mean the world to me to win these and someday I will meet Megan and Liz and I won't be able to thank them enough for how much they have impacted my life. I love them and I think they have done an amazingly incredibly job with this video. They are two of the most genuine and nicest people in the world and I am so proud of how far they have come. It would honestly mean so so so so much to be able to win this stuff. I would wear them proudly and think of Megan and Liz's video every time so that I remind myself to not say hurtful things no matter if I think it's just a joke or not. You never know what someones been through and how you can hurt them by just what you say. Thank you for taking your time to read this and I can't wait to hear if I won or not! :) I hope you see that this video means a lot to me and someday I wish to make a change in this world and start an end to bullying.

  • Tina M
    Tina M

    Follow Celebuzz on Twitter and Facebook. I should win because it would be a great wedding gift for me. :)

  • Livia Stock
    Livia Stock

    I should win the earrings because: One, I have loved megan and liz sense forever. Two, the earrings are too cute. Three, If I don't I will be terribly sad and begin to complain to my dad, this will cause my dad to get very little or maybe even no sleep. My dad getting no sleep will then create the entire produce section at the Giant here in Hatfield PA (my dads the produce manager) to go rotten, spreading a plague all across Hatfield!! Four, Megan and Liz are my idols... no really! I'm not just saying that. My sister makes fun of my for it but whats there not to love about them; they are honest people! I want to be a singer/songwriter just as they are. Five, I'm hip, cool... HECK I'M THE BOMB DIGGITY! and those are five reasons why I should win the earrings Megan wore in the "Are You Happy Now" music video.

  • Brianna :)
    Brianna :)

    I think i should win because I am against bullying! I do not like to see people get bullied and if i do see I will stand up for that person even if theyre a complete stranger! One of my favorite quotes is this ....“Life is a fight, but not everyone’s a fighter. Otherwise, bullies would be an endangered species.” That quote really speaks the truth! Bullying is against the law! If your a bully please stop. Its just hurting people not helping you. If it makes you feel better to get your feelings out then write a song about them! Like Megan&Liz dont take your feelings out on somebody innocent enjoy life and let them enjoy life! Write a song will get your feelings out with nobody even knowing. You dont even have to put their name in it... just get rid of your feelings in a good way.... stop bullying I believe in you... :) <3

  • macer4life

    Hey! I think i should win because i LOVE megan and liz!!!!! I am a HUGE fan <3 <3 and i have been waiting forever for this video to come out! I think Are You Happy Now gives such a good message to people who have been bullied or witnessed it or been involved!and on their tumblrs they give such good advice for bully victims and lots of other things! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the ending and how Liz said im sorry because she just took her problems out on Megan and i think this should be played at EVERY school!!! They are my Idols :) they are so talented and pretty! Its would be soooo amazing to wear something that they have worn!!!!!!! :) Their voices blend so perfectly because of Megans strong voice and Liz's perfect harmonies and they just seem like wonderful girls :) I Cant wait until Old School Love comes out!! You girls make Mondays(and thursdays) Amazing <3 <3 <3 ;) Im SOOO proud of you two and how far you have come <3 You have taught us Macers to never give up(never give aaaaap Hahaha Bloober video) :) Someday i hope to meet you two :) LOVE YOU! :)

  • susan

    I think i should win because me and my twin sister are in love with what you both do. You both are our role models and we look up to you. I love your last video because i use to get bullied when i was wee so it means alot to me what you are doing and we have seen every video you have on youtube. And me and my sister would love the earrings and the shoes because we are different in what we wear and they are the two kinds of styles we like.xx hope you pick us.xx love the Uk Twins.xx

  • Summer Pane
    Summer Pane

    I think I should win those shoes and earrings because my friend and me love megan and liz and my friends birthday is coming up and i want to get her something special and she would love those earring and shoes.

  • Lenny :)
    Lenny :)

    I deserve to win this because you have no idea how much this would mean to me. Everybody else just wears simple clothing and jewlery but i wanna do something COMPLETLY DIFFERENT! And i would love to win the shoes and the feather earings! I am also the hugest fan in the history of fans. LITTELY! IMY MOM WOULD NEVER LET ME WEAR FEATHER EARINGS BECAUSE WERE always so busy and that would be the best accesery ever! and it would prove to me that i am really following the trend! please celebbuzz. i am also 12 years old and it would mean SO MUCH TO ME. please celebbuzz. it would mean so much to me. if i win this, ll be jumping up and down until my head hits the wall. :) thanks lenny :)

  • ilovekardashians44

    I think I should win because I just watched the new music video and I am in love with this pair of shoes and the feather earrings! Absolutely amazing!! P.S. I already follow you on Twitter and have already liked you on Facebook! Good luck everyone! :)

  • shortstop11522

    i feel that i should win because i have been bullied since first grade and im a sophomore in high school and it sucks being the underdog. and winning this would be a dream come true <3

  • krystal

    i should win because my graduacion is coming up and i like to wear it with the dress i have in mind

  • Jana Lyn
    Jana Lyn

    I know I should win because when I saw "Are You Happy Now" I cried at the very end because I've been through the exact same things the girls in the video had, especially Megan's character. I've also been watching their videos forEVER, and I think they're very inspirational, and I love them to bits. (: I normally have no one to look up to, and I always feel really horrible about myself, and Megan&Liz have helped me feel better. I would probably still be depressed without them. ):

  • tberkle96

    I think I should win the shoes because I'm not going to keep them. in honor of this video, I am going to give them to my bully. This whole song is like the story of my life, I'm too loud and she's a bully because she's been bullied before. i understand what's happened to her and I want her to have them. She is an amazing dresser and has an awesome sense of style! She really needs to know that I forgive her for bullying me and that not everyone is going to bully her. she no longer has friends and I want to help that. I don;t care if i get them or not. i just want a chance. MACERS FOREVER! <3

  • Abi Davis-Fletcher
    Abi Davis-Fletcher

    I would love to win because I've been a die-hard Macer for almost four years now. I discovered their music when I was at a really low point, and really suffering from a lot of things that happened to me and to make matters worse, I was being bullied by three of my "best friends" because I liked the things that they didn't. The twins gave me hope that one day, things would get better, and they really have. I'm sixteen now, I'm working towards achieving all of my goals and living my dreams and, in all honesty, it is because of Megan & Liz. If I hadn't discovered their music in those dark days, I don't know where I'd be now and that is the honest truth. Good luck, everybody <3 and thank you.

  • carla92

    I think I should win because I've been a huge fan of Megan & Liz for ages. I honestly believe it's amazing what they did to step up against bullying (the video and the song are incredible). Also it'd be really cool for me being from Luxembourg (Europe) to be able to say I got 'em from Megan & Liz the American Youtube sensations. Not so easy to get in touch with 'em from over here.

  • sophie ward
    sophie ward

    i think i should win the megan and liz giveaway because m 13 years old and when i was 4 years old i was diagnosed with being deaf. ive had people laugh at me people call me names people spread rumors its hard to find real friends that will accept me ive always listened to what the people say and have always thought there was things wrong wth me and has cried alot but after watching the lyric vid, this week i kinda stood up 4 myself and its all thanks to megan and liz and if i won when i wear them i will always think of megan and liz and their vid and i know it will give me the courage to step up to bullying if i did win them then it would mean the world 2 me

  • sophie ward
    sophie ward

    i think i should win the megan and liz giveaway because m 13 years old and when i was 4 years old i was diagnosed with being deaf. ive had people laugh at me people call me names people spread rumors its hard to find real friends that will accept me ive always listened to what the people say and have always thought there was things wrong wth me and has cried alot but after watching the lyric vid, this week i kinda stood up 4 myself and its all thanks to megan and liz and if i won when i wear them i will always think of megan and liz and their vid and i know it will give me the courage to step up to bullying

  • Sooper Trooper
    Sooper Trooper

    i think i should win because those shoes would look BANGIN' on me.. just saying :)

  • dazzledreamer13

    I should win because I think they'd be so cool to have and wear. I've had my ears pierced since I was 13 and now I'm 17 1/2. The shoes are really cool, the heels would make me a little bit taller. Purple is one of my favorite colors and the earrings look really pretty(:

  • emmy411

    I am such a girly girl and I love megan and liz and shenae grimes huge fan of all three of them:)!!!

  • Sammie Rae
    Sammie Rae

    I think I should win this because: 1) Megan and Liz are my idols. They followed their dream are are truly inspirational. Their new song & music video for 'are you happy now' just blew me away, just incredible. the video and song is powerful and sends such a strong message. 2) My friend and I love fashion. Bags, clothes, accessories, shoes, everything. And I have a party coming up in December, and my friend doesn't have any shoes to wear. I showed her this video and instantly she noticed the, shoes especially. If I could win these for her, she would be the happiest girl in the world. Thank you for giving me the chance to win this competition. I love you Megan and Liz and Shenae xxxx

  • Christine S
    Christine S

    I shouldn't win anymore than the next person, but I love Megan & Liz and I just bawled my eyes out watching their new music video. They've always been great role models for girls (and boys) of any age, and they continue to prove that.

  • Lena Toulhoat Naef
    Lena Toulhoat Naef

    I love Megan and Liz and their anti-bullying message! I'd be thrilled to be the lucky winner of these gorgeous shoes and earrings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SahnazMS

    I should win because I love purple and the shoes is purple-coloured and the earrings are stunning!

  • nikkiriz

    I think that I should be the winner of this contest because I love Megan and Liz. I know others have said it before, but they are my idols. They're probably the most down to Earth girls that I've ever seen, hopefully I will meet them in the future. Also, not only do I adore shoes, but I would rock those earrings. :) I think that if you choose me to win, I would not only be ecstatic but I think my friends would start to like Megan and Liz too. So, please, when making the decision on the winner, keep my name in mind. Thank you! :)

  • areyouhappynowxo

    also, Megan and Liz has inspired me so much! I used to only sing when I was alone and when I found Megan and Liz I decided to make videoes, I was still hiding it for my friends and family but I don't now, thanks to those two gorgeous girls! I live in a very small country which you probably haven't heard of called Denmark(it's in Scandinavia) options are difinitley lacking here, but my dreams are so big and Megan and LIz taught me to fight for my dreams. I just lost a friend, we were many who did. I changed school and I'm a total outsider for not being like everyone else. it's hard but I have music and my dreams! I would wear those shoes and earrings with pride! I think everyone here has a reason to win and you should all fight for it! :) I hope I win but if I don't I'm sure it's someone amazing who is gonna win them! :)

  • areyouhappynowxo

    you're very pretty, sweety:)

  • Lisa

    I should win because I loveee Megan & Liz. Megan & Liz are soooooo talented! They are my insperation! I loveee all their songs! I live in the Netherlands and I have a fanpage made of them, because they are not really known in the Netherlands and that has to change. (; There are already a lot of members. (: I just love Megan & Liz sooo much! -xxx- Lisa from the Netherlands (:

  • Christina Harris
    Christina Harris

    I'm not going to say why I "should" win... Don't think that's very honest. I'd LIKE to win, though, because I am a MASSIVE shoe addict and I haven't been able to buy shoes for over a year. That being said, I'm CRAVING new shoes and have been for sooo long. There's nothing like these available on the market, which would make them the perfect addition to any closet! As for the earrings, they're really pretty and (again) really unique. I've never seen anything like either of these products before. Crazy, cooky, quirky, and fun. Just like me. :) A year ago I moved across the country, at age 20, hoping to make a better life for myself. I want to get into school one day, but I haven't even been able to afford to live for more than 4 months since I've been here. I only made enough to both pay bills and feed myself for 6 weeks, after that I was either making NOTHING or minimum wage and wasn't able to afford to feed myself. I have been lucky to have a friend who was willing to help me out. Without him, I would have been in a very awful place. Thanks for this amazing opportunity!

  • christinarimi

    I know you can't say much that hasn't already been told. And maybe it's wast of time just hoping that I would win the earrings or the shoes. But I would like to think that this is the best spent minutes because Megan and Liz really does a different (not only in my live but manys). They have helped my trough a year where I have struggled with myself and I have a HUGE thanks to them for keeping my head held high in bad times and always be there trough their music... Just praying I'll win so that I have this to look back and say it'll turn out just right, just wait and see

  • areyouhappynowxo

    I think I should win because this music video has a special place in my heart. A good friend of mine was a victim if bullying and committed suicide 2 days ago. the last thing he did was favorite this video. I can't tell how gratefull I am that people are commenting RIP Jamie<3 I'm an outsider at my school, I dress differently and I don't play sports. Those shoes are different and they fit my personality! I should win because I would ware them with pride and I would feel unstoppable wearing them.

  • Emma Rae
    Emma Rae

    I think I should win because I idol Megan and Liz and love singing to their cover of stereo hearts. I live in New Zealand so we don't get much of the same fashion here, and I'm loving the fashion

  • Shantel S.
    Shantel S.

    I think i should win the prize because ... First of all , I love Megan & liz .At first when I heard about Megan&Liz i thought..."I bet they're just people that are desperate.Then I heard them sing ,and a big smile came to my face .I loved their voices and they sounded so great together.I watched almost all of thier videos and just couldn't get enough . I always had a smile on my face when i listened to them sing. Second,I want to try out new styles .I love the shoes how they have floral patterns on them and a big flower that stands out apon the rest .I love how the earrings have a rocker/edge look to them but still fabulous . Third,Iove the shoes because they are different, they teach you to stand out and be a leader . Those are the reasons I want the prize .Thank You for reading :) :) P.S Love you Megan&Liz ,You Girls are something that when I feel sad or something i can just listen to you girls sing and i will be cheered up :) :)

  • Livie Grace Skidmore
    Livie Grace Skidmore

    I don't think it's honestly fair for anyone person to win these, but... here are my reasons why I should... :) I'm hardly ever told I'm pretty, Let alone noticed. no one ever seems to think I'm good enough, I never think I'm good enough... I have been a victim of bullying my whole life. Literally my whole life, not kidding... Living around the other side of the world from Megan and Liz, I know that I'll never be able to meet them, which would be my absolute dream come true. I cried for over an hour when I found out I was not aloud to go all the way over to America to see them on tour. Yes, I believe in dreaming big. So I'm gonna dream big, and say that I think the shoes would give me a self confidence boost that I really need, Maybe I'll even be noticed for once? Peace, love... Liv <3

  • Jakira Gilbert
    Jakira Gilbert

    I think I should win because Megan and Liz are my BIGGEST inspirations. I have written "Are You Happy Now" everywhere on my binder and in my room. I know every verse in their songs and have listened to them since forever ago when they first started. Megan and Liz's songs describe me and my life and it would mean SO much to me if I won. I even sing all their songs in the hallways at school and tell everyone at my school to watch listen to their songs because I love them so much. I have EVERY song. It would mean so much, you just don't know. Oh and thanks to the "AYHN" video, I have grown to stand up for myself when I of someone else is getting bullied. Thanks you Megan and Liz! <3

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H.

    I should win the earrings and pair of shoes that were worn in the "Are You Happy Now?" video, by Megan and Liz, because I am a huge fan of them both. I love them dearly. I started watching their videos about 3 years ago, when they covered Taylor Swift's "Love Story." And ever since then, I have been hooked! Their voices are flawless, they're beauty- impeccable, and their love for their fans- incredible. If I won these items, I would frame them. I love Megan and Liz so much, like anything that they touch turns to gold. When they're famous, I will look back to see that I have those mementos from their heartbreaking video, and be so incredibly proud of what they have achieved, and how many more lives they have touched with their powerful songs. :) Please pick me!

  • Destin Berry
    Destin Berry

    i love you girl

  • danielamaguina

    I think i should win because, honestly: Megan & Liz have impacted my life in so many ways. They're my role models, whenever i talk to them, i feel like I'm their friend, not just a Macer. They make me feel as if I'm a triplet with them. I love them so much. I have been with them through it all, and I couldn't be prouder. I'm meeting them November 11th, and I honestly think its going to be the best night of my life. I love you Megan & Liz, and even if I don't win this, I'm excited to meet you! Xoxoxox

  • Destin Berry
    Destin Berry

    I honestly think i should win because of who i am. I love being me and those items would make my day. Im blessed with what God has given me so i dont have to win but if i do it would be the best birthday present my birthday is October 21 and i would love that. PEACE AND GRACE! good luck to all the people that want them i hope i win as well as others.

  • Francesca Ann♥
    Francesca Ann♥

    i think that i should win the Megan & Liz earrings, mostly because i have been through bullying, cyber & in real life. I have been watching Megan & Liz on Youtube since 2008♥ They are beautiful, & all of the songs they write touch my heart. I love you two, beautiful young ladiess.♥

  • Erin-Lynn Salazar
    Erin-Lynn Salazar

    I believe I should win because I would give the shoes and earrings to my older sister. She is 24, just graduated from college (can't find a teaching job in MI) and works her butt of everyday. I never see her because of how many hours she works and I feel bad. She's single, no job and lives at home and I never see her! If I won this I would give the shoes and earrings to her, because she deserves to go out and look nice!(btw she has a obsession for shoes and that style!) Thanks!

  • Kaitlyn Young
    Kaitlyn Young

    I would love to win because Megan&liz are my passion and inspiration. I live for there video's each week and the important message they send. Not only would I cherish them until the day I died each time I would look at them I would be remembered by the people who have such a positive infulence on my life and other peoples aswell. Im a huge #Macer and support everything they do it would meen so much to me to even just have something they thought was nice but for them to have actually worn it, now that would be crazy, I would be over the moon! Not to mention those statement pieces are to die for ;) If I won I would share the statment pieces with my wonderful cousin Michele who is just as obessed with Megan&liz as I am Thankyou for taking the time to read this! MEGAN&LIZ FOR LIFE <3

  • Kaitlyn Young
    Kaitlyn Young

    I should win because megan&liz are my inspiration and my passion I live for all their videos and important messages. I adore the shoes and earrings because they are beautiful but mostly because they were worn by goddesses, the people I look up to. I am a huge macer and love these girls with all my heart. I would cherish these until the day I died! It would be such an honor to receive these statement pieces from an incredible video worked on by incredible people. :) thankyou for taking the time to read this!! #macerforlife

  • Stevie Brooklinn
    Stevie Brooklinn

    Megan & Liz are a total inspiration to me! I Love Megan and Liz I have probably seen all of there YouTube videos! I tune in every week for beauty tutorials:) I think Megan and Liz are also very much looking for INNER BEAUTY I may not be the prettiest, but I am M-E! :)) <3 Stevie

  • Katelin Starck
    Katelin Starck

    I belived that Meghan & Liz would go far in their singing careers since their first covers, "Division" and "Ain't no Mountian High Enough" came out. They have been a total inspiration to me, they have given me so many tips on singing and style! It would be amazing to be able to get the pair of feather earings and shoes worn in the video, because I absolutley love Meghan & Liz and would cherish them 4ver. I <3 you Meghan & Liz!!!

  • Marissa Hamilton
    Marissa Hamilton

    Megan& Liz, I think i should win because... -well, for one , i had to re-type this whole thing over again :P -I have supported you guys ever since you first video! -I LOVE YOU GUYS! -You guys are my idols!!! Like seriously ,your the reason i sing & play guitar! - Me& my friends made a video for you guys! <33 - I cried for 2 hours after watching Are you happy now? Seriously great video! -My dream is to meet you guys one day & sing w. you guys(: - ask any of my friends & they will tell you I'm a DIE HARD MACER! <33 -you guys followed me on twitter(: @MaRiSsALuV103 -...... I LOVE YOU GUYS! you stand for everything i believe in (: - it would be amazing to win any one of the prizes, just because you guys wore tthem& they are super cute!!!!! <33 - i have suppored you guys even when you started changing your videos & everyone else missed your old videos(: This is why i should win. I LOVE YOU GUYS TO PLUTO& BACK Love, Marissa A.k.a #1 MACER!!!!! <3333

  • hannahleigh

    I would feel very lucky if i won just to have something of Megan & Liz. I am very dedicated and i love your music. Everyday I look and see if you have a new video up and i watch your videos over and over again cause their sooo good! I know that you'll probly have billions of enties but a girl can try right? It would make my life a thousand times better is i had just one little thing from you guys. I Love You Two!

  • Sara Michele
    Sara Michele

    I honestly dont know who should or shouldnt win. But I do believe that it would be a total dream to win. Megan and Liz Mace are my idols. Since I have been following their videos I have learned so much. They songs teach so much, if you truly listen. "Are You Happy Now" brought tears to my eyes, having been a victim of bullying. I used to take everything everyone said extremely personal, and was scared to put myself out there for the world to see. I am slowly learning to let things go, and only listen to the ones that matter to me. I see bullying everyday at my school, whether it be cyber, or in the flesh. I am stepping up to it. I am no longer scared of these people. I see my bully everyday, while he no longer talks to me due to a stay away order, every look still hurts. I am not scared of him anymore. I know that he'll never be able to hurt me again, unless I fall victim. My friends are there supporting me everyday. I am not saying I deserve to win because I was bullied. But I am saying that I would be honored to own something that my idols wore, in a music video of a song that means so much to me. But I would like to say thank you for the chance, and congradulations to whoever does win<3

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    i should win because those shoes and earrings are awesome and i would love to own them to incorporate into my wardrobe

  • heyitskelly

    I think I should win the giveaway because I love Megan and Liz. They are such a inspiration and role models. Also I've supported them from the begining and till then end. Lastly because I have never won anything before so I doubt I'll win this but it's worth a try right?

  • Myra

    I want this because I'm a big #macer and it would be my dream to touch my favorite singers stuff! #macer4life please pick me it would be my dream

  • Kahla

    I should win because I love megan and liz. I watch all their videos twice. I may not have known about them from the start but I'm a fan nonetheless. I have also suffered my fair share of bullying bcus of my weight just like megan.

  • cassidyerin

    I think I should win because I'm a long time Macer and supporter of Megan & Liz. They're my idols and it's great to finally see their music career take off. Good luck in all you do girls! "Love you to Pluto and Back!"

  • meggy6543

    hello (: I think I should win because I love Megan and Liz so much! They inspires me all the time they sing, I hope one day become like them! Also, Megan and Liz are very beautiful! I love all their videos and songs! I would love to have something that they put like this beautiful shoes and earrings! I don't know if I could win because I live in Canada but I wish. You can't imagine how I love Megan and Liz ! Thanks, Meggy xo.

  • Emily Chan
    Emily Chan

    To be honest, I haven't been bullied to the point of attempted suicide like some of the amazingly strong people who have already commented here, so I can't say that I deserve the shoes and earrings more than anyone else. I just love them both to pieces though (they are beautiful!) and have been following Megan and Liz since... as long as I can remember. Today I was so excited, I was talking to people in my class saying, "Do you know Megan and Liz?! Their new video comes out today!" Anyway, I would appreciate if you choose me, but I would also feel amazing if these gifts could help someone who needs a bit of a pick-me-up. And that's the truth. <3

  • cheshiregryn

    I should win because I'm a funky shoe addict - and need a funky shoe fix! <3

  • jeng789

    I think i should win the punk rock earings because im absolutely in love with them. Also i find Megan and Liz to be such a huge inspiration to me because i have been a subject to bullying for a long time now from my weight to my looks and the fact that they are courageous enough to stand up against bullying and try to put an end to it truly inspires me. Lastly becuase of the two of them and their dreams of making a name for themsleves i have now began to learn to play guitar and sing. Thank you Megan and Liz for being such amzing role models to me......I love you guys to Pluto and back<3

  • beckymuch

    I think I should win (either one) because I’ve been a fan of Megan and Liz for so long now. I am absolutely in love with fashion, and these girls are my inspiration! Owning something of theirs would mean so much. (: I don't really have money to spend on cute accessories, and I've always wanted both of these things (coincidently). I would be so grateful if I won, and I appreciate the meaning of this song. A lot of people don't understand what bullying does to people. Thank you for being an inspiration!

  • Kelsey Philpot
    Kelsey Philpot

    You guys are amazing i want those shoes soo badly

  • beckymuch

    I think I should win (either one) because I've been a fan of Megan and Liz for so long now. I am absolutely in love with fashion, and these girls are my inspiration! Owning something of theirs would mean so much. (:

  • Marni Steckmann
    Marni Steckmann

    I think I should win because I have been a big fan of M&L and I'm a huge fan of Are You Happy Now, especially because I have been bullied and I can completely relate to the song and the views expressed.

  • Alyssa R
    Alyssa R

    I think i should win because i've never had a pair of feather earrings, and those are beyond cool, and those shoes would be wicked to have and wear. And if i did win, there'd be an awesome story behind it to tell when people ask me where i got them. I could explain about the song, and anti bullying and spread the word. :)

  • Marta Galleguillos M
    Marta Galleguillos M

    i should win because my daugther loves megan and liz and we are from south america so is more difficoult to have something from them! :)

  • elizabeth

    i should win cuz i love you and have been there scince the very start:)you two are sooo talented:) you are the biggest insperation:)and cuz i'm 11 and i wear size 6 or 7;)haha i love you to the last dorf planet back to the sun:) best of luck to you two from the rest of your lifes:)

  • Destiny

    I think i should win because not only would i use them to look good but i wold use them to spread the word about megan and liz and anti bullying ive been bullied pretty much all my life for not being goo d enough and megan and liz have showed me that im a person and some people really care and not all people are bullies and i want to make a stand to stop bullying

  • Allison Kenny
    Allison Kenny

    i should win because they are really cute shoes and by wearing them i would be advertising the message megan and liz's video is about1 i'll stomp on the people that support bullying with them!

  • Kate Rapp
    Kate Rapp

    I'm not saying I HAVE to win, it would be nice though. Reasons why: 1. Megan and Liz are two of my idols<3 2. This song has gotten me through a lot, I've been a victim of bullying, and I think this is an inspiration to all of the victims of bullying out there. 3. These girls are just amazing, and I think owning anything worn by them would be awesome<3 4. I think both of these pieces are stunning(:

  • Jennifer

    I should win these things because I am a hugeeee Megan and Liz fan and I have followed them on YouTube since day 1! They have been an inspiration to me to continue with my music career and it would be so awesome to own something that they wore. Thank you!

  • Kristin Baumgardner
    Kristin Baumgardner

    I also think i should win because my friend Shelby used to get picked on and stuff in school. It really hurt her when people would say mean things to her but i was always there to cheer her up, and your song "Are You Happy Now?" has had a HUGE impact on her. Love, Kristin <3

  • Maryan

    i think i should win because i absolutely LOVE Megan & Liz. This video really stands out to me because i have been a victim of bullying before. I don't believe i deserve this anymore than anyone else.I just really really love these girls and their music has helped me through so much. Megan and Liz, if you read this, thank you so much for everything :) <3

  • Kristin Baumgardner
    Kristin Baumgardner

    Megan & Liz, i think i should win because i am one of your biggest fans. I know EVERYONE probably says that but i truly am. I listen to your songs EVERY day and know the lyrics by heart to all of them. You guys are my idol and inspiration and if i won i would probably give the shoes or earings to my friend Shelby for her bithday which is coming up next month! She is also a HUGE fan of you guys! (: Its not everyday that your favorite singers give away one of their things. (especially something they used in their videos) So anyways i think i should win because i love you guys oh so dearly and it would not only make me happy but also my best friend too! Love, Kristin <3

  • Amanda Valltos
    Amanda Valltos

    I think I should win because of how much I relate to "Are You Happy Now?" In high school I was bullied because of my weight, called rude names that has caused me to have low self-esteem. I am still dealing with the wounds the bullies left. I am a huge fan of Megan and Liz and Shenae Grimes, they are such an inspiration! I am going through such a hard time in my life, dealing with rejection and disappointments, I need something to go right, winning this contest would be so amazing! Love you all! Thank you so much for all you do and the work you all have put into your music and show!

  • Tracy On
    Tracy On

    I think I should win because I love love LOVE Megan and Liz and they're just so beautiful and knowing that I not only won something that they're worn but that I also get to wear it my self is AMAZING! Also, I've never won a giveaway before and winning this would make me so happy!

  • Haylee

    i believe i should win because i love megan & liz to death; they are a HUUUGE inspiration in my life, i love their music, & if i could be lucky enough to meet them someday it would make my life. i sing & adore music much like them, so just to have something of theirs would be amazing. if i won, i would be soooo super happy. i've watched them ever since they started youtube & the shoes & earrings are super cute! if they saw this post, it would mean everything! i loove you megan & liz! <3 i hope you would consider me to win!

  • sarahmn13

    I Should Win because I'm Obsessed with Megan & Liz ♥!!!! They're My Inspiration, and My Idols ♥!!! I love how funny and talented they are ♥!!! The music they create and cover is AMAZING ♥!! I have been obsessed with them since the beginning and I will be till the end ♥!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥ I'm A Canadian Macer Forever and Always!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • alexa

    I think I should win because those shoes are beautiful and Megan and Liz are amazing and beautiful and i LOVE them and their music and i would absolutely LOVE to have those shoes and those earring are just amazing and i would LOVE to wear them and keep them for myself knowing that megan and liz wore those i would be EXSTATIC!!!!!!!From the first time i heard them sing i loved them and their music and would be sooooooooooooooooooooooooo glad to have these few things that they have worn :) !!!!!!!!!! just to have these items from the few people who have inspired me to try harder with my singing, dancing, and acting would me AMAZING!!!!!!!

  • Anna Giovingo
    Anna Giovingo

    I think I should win the punk rock earrings because if I did win them, they're going to my best friend, Raksha. She's the biggest Megan & Liz fan EVER. Her birthday is a month from today, and if I got these, she'd be the happiest girl ever. Also, I'm a huge supporter of Megan & Liz, and also anti-bullying. I'm leading an anti-bullying campaign in my school, and we're set to have an assembly soon, and if I could wear these earrings (before going to my friend) at the assembly and show the girls' video, it would raise awareness. I hope you take my comment into deep consideration. I've worked hard with this cause Megan & Liz (and a LOT of other people) are trying to stop. Bullying is serious, and the only way to gain awareness, is through media. Thanks:)

  • Tiffany Moyers
    Tiffany Moyers

    i think i should win because megan and liz are my biggest inspiration! They are twins just like i am and they are one of the reasons that i sing all the time. They are so sweet and so caring towards there fans, its like there our friends like were not just fans :) its a good feeling that you dont get with a lot of singers. Thats why i think i should win :) good luck to everyone who entered!!

  • Mary Park
    Mary Park

    i think that i should win the feather earrings because im definitely a more edgy girl then most. I also think that the song itself is very inspiring and it shows how people (bullies and the bullied) are hurt. But i know from past experiences that its hard to get over the hurtful comments and the dirty looks. but you always have to look at the bright side of things. And i really love the earings that megan has. So i would be grateful to win them! Thank you very much

  • bama1108

    I think I should win the shoes or the earrings because I LOVE Megan and Liz and because they are my heroes! This song means soooo much to me because I was bullied in 7th grade because I was the new kid and this song says it's ok to be different and I know that whatever I go through there's always someone else going through the same thing!

  • Cristina Garcia
    Cristina Garcia

    i should win because i really LOVE megan and liz and NOW I'M HAPPY :D

  • Misela Hrgota
    Misela Hrgota

    I love love love love love Megan and Liz. They are amazing. There songs are the best and they are just my inspiration. <3 I would love to win those shoes. They are gorgeous, just like Megan and Liz! Hahah just kidding but no those shoes are flawless and i really would love to win them.

  • Hayley Mizelle
    Hayley Mizelle

    Megan and Liz are amazing and inspirational. These shoes and earrings are totes adorbs, and I would absolutely LOVE to have them. I've been standing up to bullying for years now, but seeing this, I now know that I'm not the only one. For the longest time, it seemed like I was the only one who would stand up. But I know I'm not alone now. <33

  • Jacquie

    I've been a fan of megan & liz for years and this song really helped me, as i am going through a lot of personal issues at the moment. the video is emotional but its about real life a real situations

  • Lydia Perschka
    Lydia Perschka

    I honestly think I should win the punk rock earrings because I love Megan and Liz! They are true inspirations and they have an anti-bullying song and many more beautiful songs. "Are You Happy Now" is so amazing it really is something that has happened to my friend before. Plus they are totally my style. But seriously we HAVE to STOP BULLYING.

  • erica

    I've honestly been watching Megan and Liz ever since they started on YouTube. They both have amazing voices and personalities. These shoes and earrings are honestly the most gorgeous things i have ever seen in my life. Megan and Liz are my inspiration to stand up for what I believe in and keep singing. They remind me that anything is possible and to always stay strong no matter what. These items will allow me to have my own little piece of them in a way. I have learned so much thanks to Megan and Liz <3

  • Rachel

    Hey guys! So firstly, I don't believe anyone deserves these anymore than anyone else, we're all HUGE fans obviously, since we're entering this, but I defiantly have my reasons why winning this contest would make me the happiest person EVER! I honestly couldn't describe to a person how I feel when I listen and watch Megan and Liz. I feel amazing, their voices just give me a let loose free feeling and I love it. I've always been a huge fan, as have probably a lot of others. Megan Mace is my ultimate music icon. She is the reason I begged my mom to buy me a guitar last December, she's the reason I started singing and she's just all around my music icon. Liz Mace is my role model in life. I get my sense of style from her, how I do my hair- its ALWAYS curled because Liz looks so beautiful with curly hair. And I can say I ever since I found out she was a vegetarian, I have been one also, for about 5 months. (Hi five for saving the animals!) The twins together have helped me a lot with releasing how important music is in life. Without music the world would be so boring, and I took music for granted before and now I realize just how important music is in life. The song Are You Happy Now is probably the strongest and most amazing song I have ever heard. And the message of the video really hit me hard because the way the girls were being bullied was through words and I feel like verbal bullying is not stressed enough- not many people know how badly words can hurt. The video also shows that some people may look strong on the outside but are hurting so much on the inside. I almost lost my best friend to suicide because she was being bullied. She was found laying on her bathroom floor, overdosed on sleeping pills. That was the scariest moment of my life and I get nightmares from the thought of losing her every night. The video hit me really hard because I have been through bullying and I almost lost my best friend from it. And I feel like music is such an important part of people's lives and there aren't enough songs with a bullying message. I would be honored to win this give away because Megan and Liz are not only the reasons I'm happy with myself, but they are huge style gurus of mine, and knowing that I have something that they have had once worn would mean a lot to me. Thank you for reading and I hope you consider me to win! And good luck to the other enterants! PS: To Shaene Grimes: (if she gets to read these) DUDE those shoes are beautiful! You have AMAZING taste!

  • Courtney Lynn Kozloski
    Courtney Lynn Kozloski

    Oh my goodness. Literally had a shoe-gasm when I saw these shoes. I would DIE for them. I definitely have a shoe problem, I get anxiety when I see beautiful shoes and it's happening now. The earrings too! I love my accessories. I would LOVE to win this!!!

  • Alexandra Dorman
    Alexandra Dorman

    I really really love Megan and Liz and the videos. I really want the shoes I love the beautiful colors Please please please really want the shoes Please I lovethese shoe and Megan & Liz

  • Brittany

    I think that the shoes are amazing and that Megan and Liz are absolutely beautiful and talented in everything that they do. Their videos (esp. AYHN) mean SO much to myself, as well as Macers everywhere. Every time I would see the shoes, I'd remember to stay strong no matter what. <3 Thanks to Megan and Liz.

  • Kira

    Omg the shoes are so gorgeous and megan's earings are so pretty. It is hard to say why I would desire this because everyone should desire this. I just wanted to leave a comment saying how much this video means to me. I have been though bulling and it is hard to except yourself. This video was so inspirational. Even though the shoes and super duber sute and I am into fashion and just having something the megan and liz wore in a music video would be amazing. They are truelly amazing and this video brought me to tears. Good luck to eveyone.

  • Joanna Jones
    Joanna Jones

    I'm having surgery this Thursday. I could use some bling when I recover.

  • Melissa Palleschi
    Melissa Palleschi

    i think i should win because im such a true macer they mean the world to me and the video really ment something about bullying cause i have been there and im here again right now, i was balling watching this it really got to me. And the earrings are so gorgeous and the shoes are beautiful everything and them...flawless<333

  • iamcasey723

    I would faint and fall backwards into pool of smiles if I won a pair of earrings or shoes from Megan and Liz:p They are amazing singers and I love all their clothes and accessories:) Are You Happy Now is a very inspirational song and I think it will make a lot of girls look themselves in the mirror and realize that everyone hurts and that the bullying needs to stop. Megan and Liz rawwk:D

  • Jamie

    I think I should win because I am probably one of the most dedicated Macers and I love Megan and Liz more than anything in the world. I also think it would be amazing to have something Megan and Liz wore in the amazing and flawless AYHN video <3

  • Karalyn

    I Think I Should Win Those Earrings and Shoes Because; Imagine Going to school, And People Complementing On The Earrings And Shoes, And Your Like, Thanks I Got Them From Megan And Liz, They Wore This For There Video Against Bullying. I Also Love Their Style,There Both So Pretty And Id Like To Have Something Of Theirs. Thank You Megan And Liz For You Inspirational Singing!

  • Kammi

    lol. Let me wear those to work and see what everyone thinks. haha. Also, i think my mom would freak out too but I love those style of shoes. It'll be my first pairs and style of it. lol.

  • Sandra

    I should win because I have been a Macer since Megan&Liz started on Youtube. I love their apparel! I am in LOVE with anything that Megan and Liz wears! They are awesome and please pick me to win! :) <3

  • Kaitlyn Anne
    Kaitlyn Anne

    I think I should win because I love Megan & Liz. I love Liz. I love Megan. AND I love their style. And personally, i think those earrings and shoes up there would be perfect for me. I have always loved them so much and their music. Are you happy no is like the best bullying song in my opinion. And lastly, I would like to win just because Megan & Liz are my idols. I hope to be as gorgeous and successful as them.<3 (Also, if i on, i would be the happiest girl in the world, no doubt)

  • Elisa Maria Fc
    Elisa Maria Fc

    Sincerely,just because MEGAN AND LIZ WORE THEM. and they're some crazy kind of stuff..I LOVE crazyness! plus,it would help me be myself and If I'd get bullied I would literally start singing "Are you happy now?".

  • Alison Schultz
    Alison Schultz

    I think I should win because I've been a dedicated Megan & Liz fan for 2 1/2 years. This music video really means something to me, and to have something from it would be absolutely amazing.

  • Abby J
    Abby J

    I think I should win because those shoes would be SO fun to wear and I've always wanted feather earrings but I've never gotten them! It'd be so cool if I actually won them!

  • Tori Larsick
    Tori Larsick

    I think I should win because first of all both are really cute:) But seriously the video just touched my heart and made me cry. I've been through being bullied and still go through some of it. I just really appreciate the video, what the girls did, and the message it sends. I love Megan, Liz, and Shenae forever and always!<3

  • Melissa Palleschi
    Melissa Palleschi

    i think i should win them because well im a huge fan of megan and liz and i love earrings and they are so gorgeous on them and it would be amazing if it would happen to me

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I should win because I love fun and out-there kinda clothing and apparel like these

  • Kim Bomgardner
    Kim Bomgardner

    I think I should win because I am a hardworking mom who works and goes to school and never has any extra money to spend on myself, EVER!! Would be so nice to have something for myself for a change.

  • Holly Boucher
    Holly Boucher

    I think i win these because they are so pretty & Liz wore them & if i got them i would be SUPER happy.

  • Nidhi Gupta
    Nidhi Gupta

    I should win them because I think they would suit my personality and will complement my latest look.

  • Melanie Krištofelc
    Melanie Krištofelc

    I think I should win them because Liz wore them and they're amazing soo....I should win them.<3¸That would be a dream come true!

  • teki

    I think I should win this, just becouse I adore shoes, and ADORE anything that Megan or Liz wear... I'm in love with this shoes since I saw them... It's amazing how that shoes can be combinated with my clotes.... I love M&L, and also love their BEAUTY chanel... xoxo

  • wheat636

    These would be the wildest pair I would own! I love shoes, but stick to basic styles I can wear with anything - it'd be fun to have a crazy pair to wear with a muted outfit for a night out.

  • danielleakame

    well i think i should win because those shoes would be perfect for this purple dress i bought and i cant find ANYTHING to match! i need something, the wedding is coming up soon! ahhhh help me!!!