Ashley Greene Talks Drinking, Dating and Nude Photo Scandal With Allure Magazine

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Ashley Greene has had her fair share of controversies.

In 2009, nude photographs leaked of The Twilight Saga starlet, forcing her to threaten legal action against websites which displayed them. Last year, she was accused of being one of the triggers for Demi Lovato’s self-admittance into rehab, thanks to her relationship with Demi’s ex, Joe Jonas. And Ashley raised eyebrows this summer with rumors that she was canoodling with Gerard Butler, a man seventeen years her senior! In the November issue interview with Allure magazine, Ashley opens up about the rumors that have surrounded her short-lived time in the limelight!

On her nude photo scandal:
One of my family members said to me, ‘Ashley, everyone does it. You’re just famous.'”

On her rumored feud with Demi Lovato:
“I’m really happy that she’s doing well. She and I never had a problem with eachother, but, you know, it doesn’t go away… Jen Aniston still gets asked about Angelina Jolie.”

On dating Gerard Butler:
“He’s extremely attractive, but I think he’s a little too old for me… Don’t print that I called Gerard Butler old, I feel bad.”

Ashley also talked about her first few months in Hollywood, when she gained a lot of weight and was frequently photographed coming out of clubs.

“My mom made a comment like, ‘Wow, is that really what you want to be known for?’”

But even though she doesn’t hit up the clubs as often any more, Ashley admits to still needing a drink every now and then!

“Don’t get wasted on an interview, but you can have a drink.”

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