Because He’s Hot! Hugh Jackman Goes For Morning Workout (PHOTOS)

Hugh Debuts 'Real Steel'
Hugh Jackman attends the ‘Real Steel’ premiere.
The weather may be up and down in NYC, but that isn’t stopping actor Hugh Jackman from staying in shape. The Australian actor was spotted on Tuesday morning heading out with his fleece, gym shorts, running sneakers and bottle of water in hand, as he went for a light jog. 

The Wolverine star is notorious for staying in great shape, once disclosing his workout to Men’s Health magazine:

“I do an hour and a half a day in the gym and eat a thousand calories more a day than I would normally. And I train really hard. I crank up the Godsmack and Metallica. I yell and scream, which helps me get into the character and have a bitch of a workout.”

Meanwhile, the star has plenty to be happy about! His new film Reel Steel is number one for the second week in a row at the box office, pulling in another $16 million.