Britney Spears Hooks Up With Jason Trawick (Twice!) in Steamy Video for 'Criminal' (VIDEO)

Britney Spears gets in touch with her inner bad girl in the music video for her new single, Criminal, in which the pop superstar is seen doing everything from robbing a convenient store to hooking up in the shower with her real-life boyfriend, Jason Trawick.

The video's sexy, movie-like tone is fitting for the single, which tells the story of a girl who irrationally falls for a bonafide bad boy. In this case, the bad boy is played by Trawick, who takes part in not one, but two, very hot sex scenes with Britney.

What do you think of Brit's new video? Check it out now, then post your thoughts in the comments.



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  • MonsterBaby

    Awesome vid staying true to the lyrics & story .. awesome :)

  • Jennifer
    Jennifer "COLOMBIA"

    They both look So Hot, So Sexys, So Beautiful, So Everything!

  • teki

    Britney you're queen!!! I ADORE YA!!! This is so fab.... =D

  • Stop hatin
    Stop hatin

    I love this video and I love BRITNEY. ppl need to stop hating on Britney just cause the girl is beautiful. When she gained some weight and dressed like regular ppl, ppl called her fat and trailer trash. Now that Christina aguilera's fat, ppl call her curvaceous and bold. Seriously. And lady gaga is always baring her ass and naked body around town and in her videos yet no one says she's a skank. Britney is always criticized at whatever she does. I guess when you're beautiful and successful ppl can't stop hating. Brit looks so amazing in this video very gorgeous and Jason truly loves her. Doesn't matter bout the looks. He's been with her Thru thick and thin and ppl just need to quit hating on Britney. She doesn't go hating on other artists and has never bashed anyone or said she was better than anyone. This is what makes Britney so unique and that's why she has such a huge fanbase. Britney is still standing and selling out arena's when other artists have flopped from her era. Go Britney!!!

  • Cheri

    Britney, You are truly Grown up now, you can hear it in your voice and how you act and react to certain things. I have liked you from the first time I heard and seen you and you are only getting better with time. No matter what you have gone thru and are going thru you find a way to end up on top. Stay Strong and Keep the Faith. I love ya girl, and I'm 50. You have what it takes to make it farther, so get going...

  • jrobbs

    Didnt care for this video,she can do much better .

  • Rovena

    Suchj blatant nepotism. She is such a talented pretty girl!! Why is she dating that old ugly man?! Britney has such awful taste in men, first Kevin Federline and now Jason Trawick.