Christina Aguilera Ditches Pants and Goes Makeup Free to Party in Hollywood (PHOTOS)

Apparently Christina Aguilera has channeled her former X-Tina persona and decided to ditch her pants for a night out with her boyfriend, Matt Rutler.

The "Dirty" singer opted for a long t-shirt, fishnet tights and a pair of towering high heels and chose to go fresh-faced to enjoy her night in Hollywood. Christina, beaming with a huge smile, was clinging to her man's arm.

So what do you think of Christina's pantsless ensemble? Is it too much for the 30-year-old mother of one? Sound off in the comments below.

On E!'s Fashion Police, rival Kelly Osborne blasted Christina about her weight and her unflattering get-up at the recent Michael Jackson tribute concert.

"Trust me. I'm a 2/4. That is not a 2/4," Kelly said, adding, "She called me fat for years. I was never that fat." Ouch! Looks like the claws are out!

Kelly has battled her own weight issues in the past, but after appearing on Dancing with the Stars in 2009, she managed to lose (and keep off) about 50 pounds.



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  • Summer1972

    She still looks terrific. Look no makeup and she still looks a thousand times better than poor 'ol homely and talentless Kelly Osburn.

  • Richard Ackbar
    Richard Ackbar

    She used to be so hott!

  • Lydia Roberts
    Lydia Roberts

    I’m glad to see Christina Aguilera happy again and having fun in a relationship with Matt Rutler even though he is 5 years younger than her. I have always liked younger men. I have never dated or had sex with anyone older than me – it hasn’t been a conscious choice, just a fact. I love their youthful energy, it makes me feel young. Not that I am old – really, 35 isn’t, and society is more accepting of cougar relationships these days.
So beware guys the cougars are on the loose – and if they lure you in you might just be in for the best ride of your life.

  • jessica

    she looks better with no makeup

  • danielleakame

    um why no pants. i would understand if she had short shorts on but really?

  • Danny

    Did she pull a Britney and go pantiless.

  • erica102084

    to much to drink this is not a outfit not loving it sorry

  • Tina Fringer
    Tina Fringer

    Bravo! Christina looks amazing and I applaud that she ditched the makeup!

  • Lex

    Christina Aguilera has an amazing healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She proves that curves really are sexy! She’s someone I really look up to. I think she’s really, really sexy and I just have so much respect for her.

  • Dantius

    God, you have great legs. Christina Aguilera is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. She is one well-endowed lady. I’d like to get my hands on her ‘ample assets’, if you’ll pardon the expression.